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I think the world that I grew up with, where the good guys won, died when Bill Clinton took office. After that, things just seemed to flip upside down. Criminals were rewarded and the cops were punished. Standing up for what’s right got you laughed at. Doing your job got you fired. How many people want to be a border patrol agent? Not many. Why? Because you go to jail for doing your job.
Still, I’ve always held hope that if someone stood up for the right thing, eventually they would be rewarded. What I seem to find more and more is people going “It’s not worth it.” ***crickets*** It’s not worth it. Why? Why is it not worth it? Is it not worth it because it’s stressful and takes a lot of your soul with it? Does it interrupt your football time? Why is doing the right thing not worth it?
Then there is the statement “They aren’t worth it.” Yes, I agree that nasty people are not worth my attention, but, what about the people getting hurt by them? Are they worth it?
I think I understand why people take this position. Most of the humanity is programmed to be concerned with one thing: basic survival. People will only do as much as they have to do to survive and nothing more. The same thing goes for social settings. As long as the issue doesn’t affect their means of survival, who cares?
This attitude, combined with the fact that people act much like cows and will jump off a cliff with the rest of the heard, has given rise to some very famous historical figures. Hitler, Moa, Mussolini, Castro, Lenin, Stalin are just a few. I’ve pondered how people like this get into power, create such horrors, and people just go along for the ride. Simply put, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize their existence, most people won’t care and to keep from being the victims, most people will choose to keep a low profile instead of pointing out that the emperor has no clothes on.
I don’t know. I shake my head in disbelief at what I see and wonder if maybe I’m the one who isn’t seeing things correctly.
No. I think my only problem is that I refuse to be a cow.

I am certain that your success as a runner, and in all things is due more to the strength of your fighting spirit than anything else. Seabee
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