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Anthropology Research 11/1
Well, I didn't get to use this idea for my first assignment because a last minute AHA moment came along after the Army Ten Miler. However, I've been bound and determined to still do this project even if it weren't counted towards an assignment. Luckily, I have another assignment.

As of late, with all the drama in my life, I have been seeing a counselor. I've been digging up and studying my bones of the past and asking "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN" like a good little future archaeologist. (ok that really falls into the physical anthropology discipline and I'm digressing)

To help myself work through all this dirt, I have found myself pouring through books on self healing, Feng Shui, stuff by the Dalai Lama, and of course more running...anything that will answer my questions and help to change and heal my world.

As I read all this stuff from sources at various ends of the spectrum, I began to notice a pattern; they all in some form or fashion talked about "visualization". Whether it be to picture the desired outcome in your mind and repeat affirmations towards that or to place symbols around your area to remind yourself of your goal, the idea was still to create a change in your surroundings.

Again, being the anthropologist that I am, my mind started looking for more instances of this and it dawned on me...these very techniques used to be called "WITCHCRAFT".

Now here's where my assignment comes in. This assignment asks me to use the EHRAF database to compare/contrast some aspect of another culture with my own culture. As mentioned in my earlier blog, because I'm such a fan of the Mayan culture, I chose them as the "other" culture and now the aspect of their culture that I'll study is "witchcraft".

Here goes a more formal thesis...

Through analysis of information provided by EHRAF and the emic perspective of my own culture, I believe I will find that both cultures participate in witchcraft to affect a desired outcome. While there may be slight variations in methodology or reasons for the rituals, I contend that ultimately they are the same.

I am certain that your success as a runner, and in all things is due more to the strength of your fighting spirit than anything else. Seabee
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