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jenna 03-25-2009 01:55 PM


I just walked in the door from my run today. Well, first I peed then walked in . I ran the same route that I have been running, assumed 3.25 miles. Today was a little bit different than the previous days. I have a conference call at 4PM that I had forgotten about. I remembered at 2:58PM that I need to get out by 3PM to ensure I would make it back if something happened. I debated skipping the run or doing the treadmill at home, which normally equates to skipping the run but forced myself out the door withminimal stretching .

The first section was down the river, straight into a strong wind. lucky me. Then up the hill. I was scared to miss the conference call, soI really turned on the speed. Ran the first section in under a 10 minutes pace which I ahvent done in over a year. I had to walk a nd stretch a bit in the second section but then I went sub 9 minute pace for the third and part of the 4th.

I met a wreck at an intersection today and stopped at about 5 traffic lights in the last stretch of the run.

I got back in under 30 minutes, or right at 30 minutes.... My ankle is killing me and I'm Lima Beaning it. (Frozed veggies I keep at work just for this occassion).

Ok, the house descriptions will have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention it was about 50 degrees and raining? No? well, it was

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