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Believe it or not, I used to read this every day on the side of a Milk Carton! Yep - AAFES Milk Carton. For you 'non-military' people - that' "Army Air Forces Exchange Service" - or the Commissary and BX/PX.. It's the store for the military.

In Germany, we shopped in the Commissary and this was on the side of the milk carton.

I spent 4 years in the Army and loved it. It's been MANY years ago though. Today, I get some 'junk mail' from the Navy - they're trying to get former military to re-enlist! Can you imagine ME in the military? Imagine the look on the Recruiters face when a guy who is probably old enough to be his dad is there because they sent me an invite!

Well, I've re-evaluated; I've re-considered.. but I AIN'T Re-enlisting!!!

It's like this also with some other areas in my life.. Re-evaluating; re-considering; re-enlisting.

In Running.. I've done this and I've re-enlisted
In areas of my life.. i've been doing this same thing.. I think there are areas where I need to make the same decision I made about the Navy's 'offer'.. Re-enlisting really isn't in my best interest. Sometimes you just gotta know when to cut the losses and move on...

Re-enlisting is right for some yet for others it's a losing proposition....

I think this great AAFES Milk Carton Slogan should be introduced to the civilian world. Sometimes, we all should

Reevaluate ? Check!
Reconsider ? Check!
Reenlist? Um.. I'll get back to you on that...
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