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Now into my second week of base building.
This week's schedule:
M - Rest
T - 4
W - 6
R - 4
F - Rest
S - 4
S - 4

Looks like an easy week. I'm heading to the beach tomorrow, I cannot wait to run somewhere new and hopefully on the sand over the weekend. Yesterday I felt slow, but it was also 68* and humid when I ran. This morning was much better and the temps were 52* with a little breeze. So far my favorite temps to run in are in the 40's and 50's.

Whenever I get out there on my run I am constantly struggling with myself about pace. Should I be running easy and slow during my base training or should I be running differently? When using a training plan there are specific days for specific paces and types of runs (speed, race pace, LSD.) Does base training mean I should be adjusting my body to the distances and worry about pacing once I'm into the actual training plan? [If you're reading this, feel free to answer by commenting to my blog entry. I really do want to know.] Should I just be putting the miles in at an easy pace?
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I am no expert, but I didn't worry about faster runs for most of my training until the last 2-3 months before an event. Most of my runs were ez or ez tempo (just a bit faster than tempo). I started paying close attention to pace in Jan for my April IM and managed to nail my plan pretty closely. Right now I am just all about getting miles in and building back to a decent mileage. Funny that I had just logged my run on my tri site just before I read this and had made my own comments about my pacing.
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Pacer had a great article posted on this when there was discussions about aerobic vs anaerobic (its where I came up with my base building schedule). It said that for base building to just run at a really easy pace (slower than what feels good) to build the aerobic side especially for the LR. I used my McMillan stats for Long, easy and recovery for my base building paces.
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