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I've seen this more and more lately. Sometimes in defense of my decisions - but mostly as a precursor to expressing ones dissatisfaction with a change here.

It's probably the hardest thing to read on this board. Because I honestly do not believe it is my site.

Yeah, sure - I 'officially' own it. I maintain the site - I ultimately have the 'on/off' button for the site, but let's look at the facts and determine if this is really my site.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Site Content - 99.99% of all the content on this board is written by others not by myself. There are users here who've been here a month that have a higher post count than I do. And the content I do write is typically on the main page - and MOST of you DON'T read that!

Who's who - I talk to some of you and you know the first names of everyone. ****, in most cases, I don't even know the GENDER of our members. Sure, there are a few with whom I communicate on a regular basis - but that list is a pretty small one. There are times when carla (sierra) will ask me about a user and she'll ask by using that persons real name. I just get a stupid look on my face as I have no clue who she's discussing.

The Decisions - Believe it or not most of the decisions that effect the flow and feel of this board are made through discussion and 'negotiations' with the moderators - who, if they're doing their job correctly - are looking to you for input or at least know their respective forum posters well enough to offer insight. Most of the time, my initial idea is overturned by the input of the moderators.

Nuking Users - Now this is written 'tongue in cheek' but there are times when some users just - well - piss me off! And I'd love to just delete their account and ban their asses! (to use antag's vernacular ) - but I don't. Not because I'm afraid what others will think - but because I respect the diversity and the value these people who piss me off - mean to other members. I've even removed myself from the dirty task of 'moderating' users. This decision is made by our super-mods (though I'm involved indirectly with input - they make the final decision)

So - is this place my site? I own the software - I own the domain name - I even own the copyright to the logo. Yeah, I own the site - but It's NOT my site and I can't do what I want. belongs to it's member. It is because of the kickrunners here. it's not ''; it's not '' - it's - plural : meaning more than one kickrunner. is your site and I promise that every decision I ultimately make regarding this site and the members here will always made with YOU as my primary concern.

I kinda wish people didn't know I owned the site - I sometimes feel self-conscious about it. I'd really just like to be a kickrunner. Is that ok with you guys?

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I'd really just like to be a kickrunner. Is that ok with you guys?
Absolutely!!! You are a kickrunner, always will be a kickrunner. I'd definitely like to see you chatting around the board more.
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I think you rock. Thanks for all that you have done for us.
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