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there was a girl who did not run.

Did not want to run. Did not believe she could run. Did not ever put her name next to running. And, certainly could not run a quarter of a mile straight. She knows this because her driveway is a quarter of a mile and she couldn't run the length.

Then one day she read an article where a woman talked about kissing her thighs after running a race because she was so grateful that they had carried her. And that image stuck in our heroine's mind.

Soon after she read another article about a woman who had badly injured herself running and after some time off had found a way to learn how to run safely and slowly.

The idea of learning how to run stuck in our girl's head. Tight.

No one had ever mentioned the concept of learning to run before. She had only ever been around people who assumed that everyone KNEW how to run.

So, our girl did what every smart girl might do and she googled, "Learning to Run."

She found the Couch to 5k program. She printed the program and put it on her refrigerator. She followed the program faithfully.

Her husband was skeptical of the running and walking mixture but he found that if he slowed down and went with her at her pace, he was able to run more in a week than he ever had been.

Our girl reached the 5k mark and was happy. She figured this was a good thing and she stayed there for a nice long while.

Eventually, though, she found other distances tickling her brain.

On Sunday, our girl will run her first half marathon. 13.1 miles. Our girl who two years ago couldn't run .25 miles in a single go, is going to do some distance.

It may not be easy. It may not be perfect. It may not be all that she hopes it to be. But, the fact that she is going to try makes the difference.

I am proud of her.
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And well you should be. She should be proud of herself.

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She should be terribly proud of herself

So, where are you?

This post is not meant to offend, demean or alienate anyone in any way, and if it did so please contact me by PM so I can rectify any offense as may be fitting. The opinions stated above are the sole property of the poster and in no way represent the opinion of this website or its members.

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You should be very proud of everything you've accomplished.

Miss you
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