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And not in the boy-I-feel-challenged-and determined-to-do-better way.

No, today's run sucked in the slap in the face doubled over crying in the middle of the road even though 30 seconds before I had been laughing and playing with chocolate lab puppies kind of way.

The kind of way that feels like defeat.

The kind of way that says I can't believe you thought about calling yourself a runner.

I've thought I've had bad runs before. Compared to today's 2 1/2 mile travesty - those were nothing.

I started off fine. Felt good. Stopped to play with the puppies. (9 week old puppies. . .) Got to the corner, turned, started up the hill and. . .I just stopped.

I couldn't do it.

I just could not do it.

I don't know what happened.

I don't know why.

I just know that when I tried to keep going I started to cry.

I walked the mile and 1/4 uphill back to campus. There was nothing left in me to try running again this afternoon.
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It's good that you DIDN'T try again this afternoon. Rest up, maybe even take tomorrow off running. Who are you running for anyway? Us or you?

1) These things happen. I had a similar run on Sunday... just couldn't complete the route I'd had planned.

2) Don't over analyze. You weren't up for it today. Stars aligned, long workout this weekend, studying, what you might have had to eat two Thursdays ago, the fact that Porter doesn't like you either... who knows. It's over. Move on.

3) Don't internalize it. It happened. It has nothing to do with your ability as a runner or as a person.

4) Beer helps. Well, no it doesn't, but I thought I'd stick it in there.

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Sometimes it's just like that. Listen to your body and don't get too annoyed with it. I think that running is a constant struggle between the brain and the body.
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I did that in the middle of the track once...I just couldnt do it. I went home and went to bed

I am certain that your success as a runner, and in all things is due more to the strength of your fighting spirit than anything else. Seabee
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