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I think this is my first post since becoming a member what.. 2.. 3 years ago? I thought I'd start with a story.


This is my first year running with a focus on more than finishing a 5k.. I'd run in the past, but never entered anything of any great significance.


Two weeks ago, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.  I was planning on a beautiful mountain bike ride when my bike had other ideas.  I had my heart set on that day - making the most of our failing weather.. everything you could imagine went through my mind to get my hyped up.  So, when the bike gave up on me, I left the trail in a rather foul mood. 


Instead, I went to the gym, in dire need of the full body workout I was hoping for.  I loaded up on an energy drink because I was feeling a little self-destructive, and had a great workout.  I was still bouncing when I finished, so I figured I'd finish up with an hour on the treadmill. 


I'd bought a new pair of shoes a few weeks earlier, and though they had a noticeable arch support, they weren't particularly comfortable, but they looked great, so what the heck right?


5 minutes into the TM, I am feeling that lump in the shoe pressing into my foot, so I had second thoughts and hopped onto a no-impact, eliptical kinda gadget.  Not eliptical, but similar.  So I crank up the resistance and I'm off..


About 15 minutes into it, I feel that same lump pressing in, and I make an adjustment and it goes away a little.. Then it comes back, but now it hurts.  At this point, I'm just grouchy beyond words and just plow through it.  I want my workout and I'm not stopping unless I fall off or the power goes out.


Well, Mr Stubborn finishes the workout and I'm outta there.  The next day I feel a real pain behind the ball of my foot in the arch.. Its there the next day and the next.  It's now 2 weeks and it's almost gone, but not.  It's caused me to miss 3 races now that I had my heart set on for months. 


So, from a newb, and an idiot, a word of advice.  When it doesn't feel right - stop.



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