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Seems with the influx of new members, more are replying to a poll from - well 18 months ago!

BUT - If you guys want to do another VRAA, here's what we need to make it happen.

1. A Race Director - The last one was done by Liam. If he's still around and would like to direct it, then we're good - if not - we'll need a volunteer (said volunteer gets:
- Moderator Status of this forum
- kickrunners.com email address to communicate with teams
2. A consensus of the rules
- How long? Miles or days?
- Number of teams
- what counts? (run only, run/walk, any cardio)
3. Method to report results
4. Signup thread
5. Team selection

Finally - the Winning team gets their rank changed to VRAA Champion and will maintain that rank until the NEXT VRAA

So.... If you guys want it, then start the process. Once you either decide on a Race Director or get Liam back to do it, let me know

good luck!
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I think we should iron out the rules first, then post a signup thread so people know what they're committing for.

I think we should count any cardio since we have a lot of cross trainers here. I believe the bike to run ratio is 4 bike miles to every run mile, and other cardio, we counted in either 15 minute or 1/2 hour increments in the past (i.e. elliptical, kickboxing or other cardio class or video, etc) Anyone remember???

Does anyone remember what we did with swimming? I can't remember but I know some of us swim, especially when injured, so we can probably use that too.

I know there are a lot of yoga devotees out there too, what do you guys want to do with that?
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With all the old/new/old members, this could work.
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The interest is gaining momentum. Looks like we have enough to make this a go.

Kick off is one week from today. Stay tuned for details.
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