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Also, please take a few minutes to read the commissioner update thread and offer any suggestions you might have as to how the VRAA might improve, what your thoughts on the new scoring database are, and any other comments you might have. Roots, Hairy Trotter, Nettie and Moonptdeux have done a tremendous job in keeping the game going and improving when possible. Thanks guys!
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Hey roots~

Thank you for the detailed explanation on the 'replacement' policy. I did read it previously in some other area of the VRAA and was glad that we got a replacement with LEEMBO. I have never considered you unfair, and yes I have been 'around' enough to appreciate that and to also appreciate your commitment and energy to the VRAA. I assume that you also are around enough in the RMAD world to know that I am also fair and linear and able to assess most situations quite objectively. Accordingly, I think that the VRAA is an inspiring competition on all counts. I was happy to participate and your comment that I had 'given up' puzzled me... my points have been consistent through today, yes? To answer your question regarding the rank, my computation was based on taking the differential between my points and LEEMBO's points and adding them to the total, which at the time would have put us in 3d. Ultimately would that have been achieved? No way to tell. My 'concern' was what I perceived as an inconsistency between permitting people to post FAR BEYOND their sign-up level and not permitting people to post the points they have rightfully earned, even as a substitute player. You did not address this inconsistency except to state that 'things happen'. It may well be an inconsistency that can never be reconciled, and I am fine with that. One of the obvious outcomes of the huge VRAA turnout this round is that the so-called sandbaggers can never be sandbaggers again. Their potential is now a known commodity and they will always be placed in future VRAAs according to their performance in this event. Yes? I personally don't see the problem with allowing subs. Again, the points placed for this VRAA will adequately gauge people to ensure that subs are plaed in the appropriate places. And I think 10 days is too long to wait. Everyone was chomping at the bit for it to start and I don't think check-in needs to be extended more than 5 days or so. The scoring central was perfect. OK that is the end of my .02. I got me some Patriots to watch. Peace out. cool.gif
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Good Job Rockstars!!!!

I think I finished just ahead of my registration category, so I'm a slight sandbagger thanks to the fine efforts of my physical therapist.
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Great job, Maria! Great job, team R! Again, this friendly competition pushed me to complete workouts, even when I didn't want to. I've been on the winning team in the past, so I can say, win or not, this VRAA promotes cameraderie, friendly competition, healthy habits, and a united place to bring people together. Kudos to the organizers (Roots, HT) and the reporters (Moon, Nettie). Great round, once again, everyone!

If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow.
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