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rstride 10-24-2010 02:08 AM

Hi I have been a running/fitness enthusiast for close to 20 years starting from school to the army and to my professional working life and I have never been treated with such contempt by a gear shop.


I ordered two pairs of ALINE insoles thinking I will give these guys a chance by trying their insoles, it’s always good to give innovators a chance but how wrong I was! I received my two pairs of insoles in September and one insoles of a pair has a manufacturing defect where the moulding and the plastic skeleton were not sealed properly thus rendering it defective.


I emailed them and requested for them to cover my postage cost back to them for an exchange. I received an email reply from their sales person telling me not to bother sending the defective pair back and they will post out a replacement pair to me. At that time I thought to myself that I have made a right choice by giving these guys a go as they seem to have good after sales support…HOW WRONG WAS I!!!! After not receiving my replacement for a month I sent them an email but no reply from them. After a few weeks I still have not received the replacement so I again sent an email to them, again no reply from them. Last week same situation so I sent off another email to them and have not hear from them.


They are clearly ignoring my email. I don’t understand the business philosophy of these guys. They seem to rather rip a customer off then to want returning customer and potential referrals to many more customers and spreading their products by word of mouth.


I am not sure if anyone has been through the same thing but I am writing this to warn people of this bunch of crooks. They scammed me of a pair of insoles.

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