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Well For those of you that want quick and dirty summary see the numbers below.  The narrative version will be at the bottom
overall Place: 314   
age group Place: 33             
5 mile: 42:00     
10 mile: 1:27:05     
half marathon 1:54:27     
15 mile: 2:11:09     
20 mile: 2:57:51     
Chip Finish: 4:04:34    
Clock finish: 4:09:23    
pace 9:20
Well this was my 8th marathon and 13th race of at least marathon distance and it was a tough one.  The weather was brutal.  For the first time in a LONG time I had to wear a shirt!  :-).  If I have it figured out correctly then it has been 7 years since the last time I had to wear a shirt.  
Anyway,  Unfortunately due to traffic issues the race was started 30 minutes late.  Of course I didn't hear about this until I got home since I was stuck in the corral wondering when we were going to go.  They were making announcements but I couldn't hear them.  Finally we got going.  I tried very hard to not go out to fast but it didn't work very well.  My first 5 miles of splits were,  8:29 - 7:27 - 8:44 - 8:32 - 8:47.
I was just working hard to not go any fast as we made our way north on the course  towards the beach run part of the course.  Then we got to the beach and the headwind that was tough on the roads was BRUTAL!  It was around this time that I missed/forgot to hit the split button on my watch so I have no clue how I was doing.  I still felt okay but I could feel my legs getting a little tired and I was trying to back off the pace without giving up too much.  It was tough to gauge my pace at this point due to all the wind.
When we got back on the roads and I started to remember taking my splits again, I could see that my spits were still faster than what I wanted but I was still feeling okay so I just tried to maintain it.  I knew the tough part, the return trip was till around the corner.  
Splits for Miles
10 8:53 , 11 8:38, 12 8:50, 13 8:56, 14 8:41, 15 8:56, 16 8:55.
By this point we were heading south again so the wind wasn't as noticeable but I still hadn't warmed up enough to ditch my shirt.  I kept on wondering who was near me that was wearing a Buckeye Shirt since I kept hearing Go Bucks! as I ran by.  I had forgotten that the long sleeve shirt I had bought as a throw away shirt was a Tampa Bay Buc's shirt!  :-).  
As I continued back I felt my right calf begin to tighten up a little.  I was too afraid to stop and try to stretch it out in case I didn't want to start running again!  So I told myself to fight through it.  I was able to fight through the next 4 miles to the 20 mile marker, but my splits were slowing.  17 9:10, 18 9:07, 19 9:36, 20 9:53 .
I got to mile 21 and I had to finally take a 1 minute walk break. I knew if I took anymore then it would be tough to start again.  I will admit that was sort of walking/shuffling through the water stops so that gave me a little more rest.  By now I was in a definite mode of how much longer. At least I wasn't freezing cold and I had removed my gloves and had pulled my hat up off my ears to help keep myself comfortable.  I was starting to catch the 1/2 marathon walkers and it was tough to not want to join them in leisurely walk back to the finish line but I was ready to get out of the cold. My splits for mile 21 11:20 and 22 9:32.  It was about here that the 4 hour  pace group of the Galloway training crew passed me and I sort of hoped i could at least keep up with them but I knew I probably couldn't.  
As I made the curl onto the bridge over the Intracoastal I knew I had about 3 miles to go.  The climb up the ramp was tough and the wind came back so that made it tougher.  But I knew I was almost done so all I could do was put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. I did continue to walk for a minute to 90 seconds at each mile but I wouldn't let myself walk anymore.  After finally cresting the bridge I knew it was all "downhill" from there.  I jogged along down to the off ramp of the bridge and made the turn north for the final half mile or so.  The finish line was in sight and boy was I happy!  I wish I could say that I sprinted the finish but all I did was continue at my same pace and finally crossed the line.  My final splits were 21 11:20, 22 9:32, 23 10:52, 24 11:07, 25 10:52, 26 10:50, 27 2:08
I collected my medal, a mylar blanket and bottle of water and wandered off to the finishers village. I finally looked down at my watch and saw I ended up at 4:04:36 and I was pretty happy with that.  
After getting some soup and then collecting my gear bag, I waited around for a massage , had a couple of drinks, traded some texts with my wife and finally climbed on the shuttle bus to head home.  
Yeah, I did have those thoughts of Heck No, I am never doing this again but I know I will be back.  The 2 times I have run this race I have been over 4 hours and I know I can do it in under 4 so now I have something to aim for next year!  
So now I take a few days to recover and then I start doing some light training to keep my legs fresh and ready for the Gate River Run in a couple of weeks!
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Well played, sir!

Way to get over the start, weather, cramps....Boiler Up!

On Wisconsin!
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Sounds like you did a great job in those conditions FB.   Easily under 4 hours with better conditions.   Enjoyed reading your report.

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