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This will probably be my last post on KR.  We had some good times; we laughed, we cried (well not really) and sang songs (didn't do that either) but now it's time to move on.  You can find me on the Chicago marathon thread over on the Runner's World forums. 


Anyway, in keeping with the dailies, here's a quick rundown of my recent workouts: 9 miles this morning; 15 on Sunday;  5 on Saturday, 7 w/fartlek on Friday; 7 on Thursday, 9 w/8*800 on Wednesday; 9 last Tuesday.


My next race will be a 10k on Aug 25th and maybe another the following week.  Then I'm going to shoot for some PRs... sub 18 in the 5k and as far under 38 for the 10k as possible. That could be an epic failure.  No marathons this Fall.  Next marathon will likely be Boston 2013, assuming my BQ-4:26 gets me in, else it'll be a local one in May.



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Yah, we're kinda dying out here.  Sucks because I've really enjoyed getting to know y'all here.  I am on Facebook as Hazel Knutt.  Apparently there are several, look for the same avatar as I use here.


I rode to Grandma's yesterday.  Spy mission, just to check up on here since she's now on her own after her fall.  She's doing great, so no real worries.  Tough ride home today.  Just not a whole lot in the tank and not a whole lot of motivation.


GOOD NEWS is the PF seems to be under control.  Appt with PT tomorrow to figure out where to go from here.  Taping really helps but the skin is starting to break down.

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Not sure if I will go elsewhere. I may just fall off the cyberspace running sites. I started on cool running and moved here. Kind of odd how this site died so quickly. If I am the last o e here I will be sure to turn off the lights.
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Sounds like a sad break up going on here.......  Wow have to admit it was a long ride while it lasted.  I am also a cool running alumni and think we have been cyber peeps for over 7 years.  Not sure what I will do as far as logging the miles. I also use facebook under Kim Licata but haven't stepped into any tracking programs there.  I often see Hawk's post on facebook.


RA - I think you have made me laugh more than anyone else!!!


4boys, - glad to hear the PF is under control but gotta warn you it, it is an ongoing management thing along with all the other stuff.


Kevin - Thanks for catching the lights.   


today's run was still a short 3m with the pups but they are doing great.  I can say that I think they are going to make great running partners.  Still nursing the sore hip and cursing old age so it's a slow come back. 

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Hey all, just ventured over here for the first time in a while. We tried to keep this forum going but it's just not the hip place to be and be seen anymore. Someday a great historical tome will be written about the rise and fall of Kickrunners. Or, maybe not. 


I've been running despite my fade from this place, training pretty hard actually as I ramp up. Only 8 weeks to Chicago. I gotta get cracking! So far this week: XT day Monday (biked to/from work), a tough 8k trail race Tuesday night (34:50, 11th OA), 8 miles easy yesterday, 7.5 progression miles tonight. Taking off work tomorrow, and with nothing in particular on the agenda will probably try to get my long run of 18 in rather than wait until Saturday.


You're all plugged into me on Facebook now as are most of the gang that left KR long ago; Kevin rounded it out by friending me earlier in the week. So you can all find me there. I haven't found a new runners' forum yet; I post my log at runningahead.com but their forums seem really cliquish to me so I don't post in the threads. I looked at runnersworld.com but there are so many threads I don't even know where to start. So after nearly 3,600 posts all I can say is "Oh well, life goes on."


Apple - just like that your race is coming up. I'm looking forward to it and finally meeting you in person. Hope you didn't tout me to your management team as a potential front runner; I won't be in top HM form, will probably use this as a long tempo run and try to tune my pace for Chicago. Of course, I say that now before the gun goes off and the adrenaline starts flowing...


See y'all on "the Facebook."

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