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Apple 08-07-2012 08:27 AM

OK, you know you are getting old when you injure yourself sleeping.  Woke up this morning and hip felt stiff, no biggie, should be fine.  Put collars on pups, put on shoes and head out for morning training trot.  There use to be a golf course behind my house that is now a construction site for a new development.  We start first half mile on dirt road that goes up hill and dogs don't need a leash since it's open fields and no houses.  Run up the hill & no biggie, still feeling ok.  After that, gotta leash the dogs because we are now in a neighborhood and walking.  Hip feels tight....hmmm this is new.  Walk thru development another mile and pick up trail on other side.  Start to run with the pups and soon after my hip muscle starts to cramp so tight it feels like an intense charlie horse. ouch shooting I walk the rest of the way.  Now I am at work & it's painfully sore.  Are you kidding me??!!  I have been a couch potato long enough that I need to stretch to sleep?


4BM - sorry the shoes didn't help. I have PF that sometimes flares up.  A big part of it for me can be my shoes outside of running as the issue. Most times can't wear sandals if I will be walking, go bare foot plus work shoes have to good for the feet. I have even worn running shoes to dress down events to keep the feet happy.

4boysmom 08-07-2012 11:40 AM

Apple--the director of deCycles (tour son1 does) is a chiro.  The morning I dropped son1 off this year I had woken up and couldn't turn my head. Director asked me to do something simple and I had to tell him I couldn't.  He asked what I had done.  Not a clue, I jsut woke up and couldn't turn my head.  He laughed and said that 90% of "I can't turn my head" is from sleeping wrong.  


Pathetic 2.5mi on the track this morning.  Foot got to hurting as bad as Sunday's race.  Well... CRAP!!!!!!  Will go ride hill repeats here in a bit.  Busy packing for this week's retreat.  Leave tomorrow, return Saturday.  Sons2&3 are staying home.  Hopefully the house will still be standing when we return.

kfuller 08-07-2012 01:06 PM

I got in an easy 7 this morning. It is also my birthday. Got a gift card and a Dvd from the family. Not sure what else is planned for today.

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