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I was spot on with work and spoiling my running today... And it really sucks because my tempo was a failed attempt yesterday. I only made it thru 1 mile @ tempo, just didn't have it in me at all yesterday. Finished with 6 in 49:30.

I'm gonna try and redo the tempo on the TM this afternoon when I get off work
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goood job bbs.  I went out for a 3 mile run this morning.  It was nice caus the temps were in the 60's.  Good running all.

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BBS - Hope the treadmill works out better for you

rugby - hi there - this morning was the coolest here it's been in quite some time


I got in just shy of 9 on the trails with 2 x 20 minutes at MP (7:43, 7:48 pace for those) with 8 minutes rest in between.   Couldn't get to sleep last night and bagged the plan to get up early wtih the group, I need to start sleeping better.


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Too tired to run this early morning.  Hoping to get something going on the TM at some point.  Of course, I could go run outside.


zrun - ditto on the sleep.  Nice comeback though.

rugby - almost time to break out the hat and gloves...

BBS - good luck with the tempo.


MTA: 6 miles on the TM over lunch.  2 easy, 2 @ 6:39mpm, 2 easy.  Hopefully, I can stretch the up tempo miles to 4 then 6 miles.

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Nice job on all the running everyone.


I got in a semi sluggish 6 miles.  I hope all of my  tiredness goes away soon. 

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Flyby.  Still at the retreat having a great time.  Limited net access.  Race was this morning.  Terrible night's sleep.  Race started at 7:30.  I rolled out of my sleeping bag at 7:10.  Uh, yah...  Cutting it a bit close there!  We were sorta waiting for another runner to show, so no real rush.  As RD I decided to run the loop in the traditional direction due to a dog about 3/4m in, figuring it would be better if we were still close together.  Dog did not disappoint.  I stopped, other runners caught me, and we all made it through together.  After that, I never saw them again.  Decent little run, probably too hard considering Sunday's race.  I snagged 1st OA, with a 29:49 (goal sub 30), with final runner finishing 20mins later.  All in all a great adults run.  Kids run was in the afternoon.  I hadn't planned on running it, but we had a 3yo that wasn't going to do it until I offered to run iwht her.  Rather fun actually!


Tomorrow I head to Niagara Falls, then to Vermillion for the race.  Won't have net access until I return home Sunday afternoon.

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