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Good Morning,

 I am still alive, just been busy as heck with real life, but I am still running!  Not as much as I want but I am.


This morning was just a slow jog around the neighborhood at a 9:37 pace. 


Have a good day everyone.

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FB- nice to hear from ya. Nice job with the run.

Right now I'm waiting on a co worker so we can do a little fishing. I hope I can get a little mess for a little fish fry next Saturday

Tonight is our weekly 'shake n bake' group run. Probably just an easy 4, with some adult beverages afterwards.
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FB - good to see you pop in

BBS - have fun fishing, hope you catch some.


I made it to track sweatfest last night and did 3 x (800, 600, 600), everything around 7:00/mile pace.   90 seconds between the intervals (200 jog + water) and 5 minutes between sets which I walked since it was in the low 90s.  Good workout and they had pizza and drinks after.  Then 6.6 on the trails this morning, not pretty but done.


Hope everyone has a great day.


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FB--at first I thought I was in the wrong thread.  Where's the C&H???

BBS--have fun feeding the fish!

zrun--good job getting it done.


After over an hour of testing (mammogram, ultrasound, another mammogram) the diagnosis is... it's a cyst.  "Normal" for my age, and no treatment needed.  I about cried.  You have noooooooo idea how relieved I am!  Regardless, I was so glad my friend was with me.


Today, early  morning workout of mowing the lawn.  In a bit, son1 and I will head up to the lake for a bit of OW splishing and splashing.  Then work this afternoon.

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4boysmom - great news!  Time for a frosty beverage!

zrun - nice job on the track and trail

BBS - breadcrumb that run!

FB - it lives!


I got out this morning for a 9 mile slog.  It looked like I'd taken a shower when I got home.  75F and 72 degree dew point... Track tonight may be a melt fest if it's not cancelled.  May hit up the indoor track.



I know it's an old cliche, but you can cut the atmosphere with a cricket stump
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Another day on the boil around here too. 89F right now and the dew point is 75. Ugh.


I got out last night on the 5k loop for another mixed walk/run...just to give you an idea of where I am on this rehab right now, I break the workout into 5 segments and last night it was run for 1:15, walk for 3:45. The first time I did this it was just :45 (w/ 4:15 walk) on the run part, then the second time it was 1:00. time it will be 1:30 and 3:30 walking.


The bad news is each time it feels like I'm pushing the hammy as far as it wants to go; the good news is each time that barrier gets a little longer.


Back to the elliptical tonight. I wouldn't mind starting to bike again on the mountain bike and do some easy trails, but not in tonight's soup.


4bm - glad to hear the news was good


FB - good to see you're still out there knocking down the miles


zrun - sounds like tough track workout in those conditions


BBS - have fun fishin' and beer runnin'


RA - yeah, I had a 15 miler like that a few weeks ago. Ugh.

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