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Hello friends.  Yesterday made day day 240 of my streak.  I think that's 8 months.  Today starts marathon training.  6 miles on deck.  I'm going to take the kids to the y, get the 6 miles in, and then take them to the pool.  Have a great day, everyone.

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REST DAY!!!  Met deCycles in Bloomington yesterday for the home coming celebration.  Son1 had a great time but I think he was ready to be done.  Although, he announced he will be doing a time trial this afternoon, maybe a double century later this week.  Nope.  Never stops.  We got home at 2am this morning.  Slept in, but there's plenty of catch-up work to do today.

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Jebba- So, do you have a certain # you're wanting to reach?


Mom- Enjoy the rest day


Today I got out for an easy 5 in 42 flat.  I'm looking at a race I may pick up at the end of the month... its a 5 miler, I've never raced that distance... but looking at last year's results I think I could possibly have a good showing... and the hardware? A bottle of wine.

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Morning ladies...(oops BBS, you snuck in while I was typing)


Not much to report here, still on the shelf with that pesky hamstring. I can walk though, and did a lot of that this weekend, 5k on Saturday and another 8+ miles on Sunday (2 separate workouts, not all at one time). For the shorter walks we've been throwing in about 100m of running every few minutes. That seems to be coming a little easier.


Tonight, probably some elliptical, which doesn't stress the hammy at all. And I'll just keep taking it day-be-day and try not to think about how much marathon training/fitness I'm losing.


Gotta go, busy at work. Happy training and stay cool if you can (back to the soup here today).

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Nice job on all the running everyone.


BBS-  5 miles for me also in 42:03. 


Overall it was a good run this morning.  Have a great day everyone.

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jebba - way to keep the streak going!  

4boys -  rest up and kudos to DS on all the wheeling around.  I was watching the sprint ending of the TDF yesterday, man those guys are tough

bbs - nice 5, and I approve of free booze as a criterion for choosing races :)

hawk - stay patient, hey at least it'll probably be cooler when you run again

kfuller  - nice 5


Rest day for me - boys and I had a blast at WWE last night...  lots of silly fun.   Next few days are ridiculously hot.   I have a treadmill-free streak of a little over a month that is going to be tested.   Tomorrow night's track workout might be the first casualty, though they say misery loves company so I will play it by ear.



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I have two days of meeting where I have to be in the office before 8am.  How dare The Man get me in work on time!   Anyway, SRD today and whatever I can sweat through in an hour tomorrow morning.


zrun - Yeah, it's a touch warm.  Luckily, I'm all signed up for the Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10 on Saturday... oh crap.

Hawk - that's whole lot of walking!

BBS - I've raced a few true 5 milers but more 8ks.  There are not that many around.

4boysmom - rest up

Jebba - awesome streak!  You heading up to the quad?

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