The National Breast Cancer Marathon - Jax Florida 02/17/08 -
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The Short version:
Age Group: 22/99
Overall: 188/1681

Gun Time: 4:04:23
Chip Time: 4:03:54

5 Mi Split: (42:55)
10 Mi Split: (1:27:50)
13.1 Split: (1:55:28 )

Start Line:0:0:31 (466 ft)
Mile 1: 1.02 in 8:48(8:36)
Mile 2: 1.01 in 8:52 (8:48 )
Mile 3: 1.00 in 8:23(8:24)
Mile 4: 1.02 in 8:32 (8:23)
Mile 5:1.07 in 8:54 (8:20)
Mile 6: .99 in 8:46 (8:50)
Mile 7: 1.01 in 9:03 (8:58 )
Mile 8: 1.00 in 8:49 (8:49)
Mile 9: .98 in 8:44 (8:55)
Mile 10: 1.01 in 8:54 (8:48 )
Mile 11: 1.01 in 8:48(8:42)
Mile 12: 1.04 in 8:49(8:31)
Mile 13: 1.03 in 9:07 (8:52)
Mile 14: 1.02 in 8:54 (8:43)
Mile 15: .90 in 9:04 (10.02)
Mile 16: 1.05 in 9:16 (8:50)
Mile 17: .99 in 9:04 (9:10)
Mile 18: 1.07 in 9:06 (8:30)
Mile 19: 1.02 in 9:35 (9:25)
Mile 20: Missed it
Mile 21: 2.01 in 19:19 (9:36)
Mile 22: 1.00 in 10:29 (10:28 )
Mile 23: 1.03 in 10:19 (10:02)
Mile 24: 1.00 in 10:51 (10:49)
Mile 25: 1.00 in 10:25 (10:26)
Mile 26: I missed it.
Finish: 1.24 in 12:53(10:24)
Watch time: 4:04:26 for 26.62 miles (9:11)

The long version:
I was a little nervous heading into this race since I had spent the previous 2 weeks nursing some kind of lower abdoment strain or a groin pull. My plan no matter what was to run it easy as a training run as I wanted to use it as my last LONG run before Guana on March 22. I got to the shuttle lot at 5:15 and I was on a bus by 5:30. By 6 AM I had a spot picked out on the concrete and I was laying down to try and relax some. I did have to go get my finger pricked for some kind of medical test on runners. They took my weight, temp, pulse rate (I don't rember, 97.6, 64) and a little blood. It was chilly in the morning so they had one nurse holding my hand to get the blood to drop in the little test tube thing and another was massaging and rubbing my arm to get it flow quicker. After that was over, I laid back down and just relaxed. The area where the runners hung out was large with lots of room to spread out which was nice. Finally some other runners from work showed up and we all hung out. As I was dropping off my gear bag the lady asked me if I was going to get cold and without missing a beat, another man that was also a volunteer said "Are you kidding, look at that sweater he is wearing!" The 2 volunteers laughed and I smiled and headed out to the start line.

Once we were at the start line it was time for hurry up and wait again. The cannon goes off and suprisingly the crowd moved pretty well. All the walkers etc seemed to do a good job of actually finding the pace cards they had set up and found the right general area to stand. After making the turn to hit the bridge and after a quick pit stop at about mile 1.5 we were crossing the intracoastal waterway. Then it was time to start heading north. My buddy and I both agreed to try and run 9 minute miles to save our selves for the finish. It was about 50 - 54 degrees when I first got to the race start but the temps were already near 58 rising as the sun came up. The first miles were pretty uneventful. Just working hard not to go out to fast which I did anyway. Once we got off the highway and back on the city streets the crowds started appearing. Between miles 5 and 7 they sent us out on the beach. They did put down heavy duty mats so you wouldn't have to fight soft sand until you got to the hard packed sand which was a great help. As we got near the end of the beach run the half marathoners were directed off the beach and the marathoners had about another half mile of beach to run. I was still feeling good even though we were running a pace that was a little quicker than we wanted .

As we started running through the different neighborhoods the fan support was really good. Many families had already set up sprinklers and hoses to help with the heat that was rapidly building. I continued to knock out the miles. My watching was saying anywhere between about 8:45 and 9 so I thought I was doing okay. I was taking as much water as i felt comfortable taking at each water stop but I was able to run through the stops. I was still afraid that if I stopped that my sore lower abdoment would make it impossible to start up again. There were many signs saying thank you and encouraging individual runners. There were plenty of people shouting Thank You and encouraging us all on. In some spots they even chalked up the roadways like you would see in the Tour De France. It was kind of cool to see. I did NOT see anyone offering free beers for runners though. ;-(

By now I had gone into autopilot mode. Just running the miles, taking a gel pack from time to time and just trying to work toward the next mile marker. From about mile 9 though about mile 15 or so we were in neighborhoods with trees so we were able to find some shade which was very helpful. The crowds were out with radios playing and people sitting there having parties while cheering us on. I do remember that I passed through the half marathon mark in about 1:55 so I knew I was running pretty well and I was still feeling pretty good.

Now it was time to start the trek back to the start line. For part of the course we were heading home as other marathoners were still heading out on the course. Somewhere along here my friend decided to back off the pace some more and I tried to maintain my current pace. I guess I was still running near 9 minute per mile splits. After a couple of miles I guess I slowed down a little and my buddy caught back up and we ran together again. We passed by one bar and I joked and asked him if he wanted to head inside for a beer. Now we were heading back through the part of Jax beach that is all business's with no shade. I was still drinking water and gatorade and powerade at all the water stops. I still felt pretty strong. I hit mile 20 and after glancing at my watch I really was beginning to think that I would be able to break 4 hours even with the heat.

I started to drop back behind my buddy for about half a mile as we approaced the ramp to get back on the bridge and highway for the final 4 miles or so of the race. Then I slowly reeled him in without trying. He was starting to struggle. I passed him as we ran our way up the off ramp. Now it was about 3 miles almost perfectly straight and in the sun with no shade. I was continued to run to the water stops, walk through each one and drink as much as I felt comfortable. It was hard to stay motivated to run as I passed all the people that were walking the half marathon or who were walking due to fatigue from the full marathon. I kept my head down and ran. I was waiting for my buddy to come charging up behind me and start swearing at me like a drill sargeant to get my butt in gear but he hadn't caught me yet. As I was taking a walk break along here I knew that I probably wouldn't be breaking 4 hours. I was fine with it.

I passed mile markers 24 and 25 along the highway just looking for the ramp to get off, knowing that at that point I had less than a mile to go. I had to take one final walk break at the start of the off ramp and after about 30 seconds I started running again. I saw the finish line and just hung on. I wish I could say I picked up the pace and sprinted in, but I don't think I have ever sprinted to the finish of a marathon or ultra and I probably never will.

I crossed the line and after getting out of the flow of people, I just bent over and tried to catch my breath a little. 2 medical volunteers walked over to make sure I was okay. After telling them that that I was fine, just hot and tired they gave me an ice pack for my neck and I got my medal and I waited for my friend. He came in about 3 minutes behind me. We finally wandered back to the racer's area and while I went back to get my post race testing done, he went and laid down. At the post race testing, I had lost about 7 pounds, my pulse was up to 124 still and my temp had only gone up to 97.9. I was kind of surprised my body temp wasn't higher since the air temp was in the mid to upper 70's by 1 PM. Maybe I cooled down quicker than I thought I would? Eh, No big deal.

I went and dragged my buddy off of his butt and we found some gatorade and bananas and then wandered off to find the beer. After 2 beers I limped to the shuttle bus and went home.

It was nice having someone that was looking to run the same pace as me for the race to run with. It has been quite some time since I have done a long race where one of my friends was in the same shape and hoping to run the same time. It definitely helped to pass the time.

My final time was not my personal worst so I am happy about that. I beat that by about 90 seconds. Whew! Overall I thought I did a good job of trying to stick to my plan of treating it as a training run, albeit an expensive one, and just run a steady race. I can't really think of anything that I would change that I can control, except not playing so much soccer.

Overall the race was a LOT Of fun and I liked the course. It was extremely well organized and the fact that they had a separate family meet up area was great. It was nice to be able to have an area for runners only and not have to work around large groups of family and friends just standing there. I didn't have much time on Friday to go through the expo due to family commitments but it seemed to be very busy. They did end up having over 8K runners and their initial estimates were that 5K would show up. Yeah it was warm but they couldn't control that. The water stops were well stocked and staffed. The volunteers were great. The scenery was great. The shuttle bus set up was a pain but due to the starting area they had to set up the shuttle due to lack of parking. Now the question is what kind of shape will my legs be in for the River Run on March 8 and the Guana 50K on March 22.

The pictures aren't available yet. I will let you know when the pictures are up on my website.
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That's pretty good placement for a training run. 4:00 hours gets you near the top 10% of finishers?!?? That seems a little odd to me.

Anyway, great job sticking to the plan!
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Good run and good report.
I've tried running with that lower ab/groin strain... ain't as much fun.
Good luck on Guana.
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This race really seemed to cater to the gallowalkers. Galloway himself was the official race director. THey ahd the Galloway pacer guys there running the necessary splits etc so I think that might be why.
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Wow, great job! Excellent report. Look forward to a race report when not fighting an injury. You will do great at Guana!

You can see the details of all my workouts on my Blog.  Happy Training Everyone!  Stay safe out there!




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Great run Eric! Ditto to what Dave said.
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For the most part my abs/groin didn't bother me. It was a little painful when I started up running but after that I barely noticed it.
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The pictures are up:
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