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(Others seem to have success throwing themselves on the tender mercy of the PRT, so I thought I'd try as well.)

Anyone have suggestions for simple, inexpensive on-line collaboration tools - including host sites? I'm looking for a) something like a SharePoint site where people could see the latest and add their own comments or files, and b) inexpensive conference calling (8-10 people max) so we don't have to all gather from different parts of the city whenever we want to meet. This is semi-personal use (see below), not commercial. Hence, cost is a significant concern.

(I've managed to get myself trapped into chairing a committee supporting the Engineering Academy at my son's school. This is a magnet school that attracts students from throughout the county, so committee members will be likewise scattered. I'm looking to encourage people to participate by making it more convenient for them.)
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skype for the conf calling? I think it's free?

What about google? Does google offer any thing that might help you with the other needs? I know google docs allows you to share stuff with people, etc.

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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we used to do a conference call on the phone, plus all log in to and we could see the leader's computer and all sorts of other things. I honestly have no idea how much, though...????
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I think gotomeeting has some costs associated with it.

We use Webex, but that costs, too.

However Skype has free calling, though I don't know if you can have multiple calls, you cannot have multiple video calls. You can share your desktop with Skype, may be able to share files, but I don't think they have a mark-up and share the marked up files tool.

Maybe Webex has a discounted option for educational purposes? Check into that.

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Google has a video chat app which I think you can use for more than one party at a time. And you can share a calendar, docs, etc there.

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