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I am in a cabin in the woods with my family visiting some friends (more on that later).

They have 3 cats, 18, 7 and 1. The place is heated by wood and isn't all that warm except by the fire.

I have studiously avoided the cats and now have the three of them on me purring to beat the band. Thank God I have some anti-histamines.

This happens frequently with most cats. ARGH!

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I honestly think cats can sense people that are allergic to them or don't really like them all that much.

Cats, being the sarcastic animals that they are, naturally gravitate toward those people just to mess with them!
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They sense your patient gentle nature.

say "Bullshit" to them, and wave your hands around all agitated.....and see if they stalk off.
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Cats can sense allergies or dislike. They then try really hard to proive to allergic/hateful person that they are wonderful creatures that are most deserving of pets and appreciation. I'm sure there might be science there somewhere to back me up.

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