My Daughter beat me running our loop! -
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First time it's happened, she drafted off me the whole way, and then at the 4 1/2 mile mark proudly announced "On your right" and blew by me. The end of our 5 mile loop is a very steep hill, she was just playin' me.

She is a Sophomore in college, and this is the first time she has taken me on this course. I feel old, but I guess I'm passing the torch on to a new runner in the family, right? She has been running for rugby (Wow, what a violent sport, but fun to watch), and she glided the 5 miles like nothing. I gotta up my miles.

She was nice though, she said she would'nt tell anyone, then as soon as we got in the house she began a victory dance that I have never seen before, telling me she "owned" me and that I should take the bus next time! In fairness, I told her for many years I would never lose, so I got some trash back. Now her sister wants a shot to beat me. I am in trouble. She plays hoops and is in pretty good shape. She's also 5' 11", so her stride is ridiculous.

But I am very proud that I lost, I knew this day was coming. I remember her first steps, how uncoordinated she looked, like Godzilla stomping on Tokyo. Now, she is a confident young lady with a great sense of humor and going to a great university. She loves her friends and her family, and also stands up for herself. My younger one has fought with something called B.D.D., so she has had it a little tougher, but she is a great kid too. She loves working with developmentally disabled kids in a program called "Best Buddies," so her heart is big. I guess I lucked out, considering what a pain in the ass I was to my parents. Sorry for the long post, I just got a little sentimental. I'll try to find a nice picture of them and post it. Happy new year to all the great people here.
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I always wondered who ran the loop around here and it turns out it's your daughter. Who woulda thunkit?

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Yep! Son1 whoops my butt on the run and bike all the time. Nice thing, though, is heading into a headwind he always takes point and allows me to draft. I am THRILLED that he's taken up triathlon. Sons 3&4 occasionally will run with me, too.
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That is awesome! Thanks for the smiles.

I still beat my little nephew on Christmas Day, but he is only 5.
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well done, lil SardonicOne
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That's nice SO.

Now you need to put in some extra running time and give her the butt whipping she so dearly needs.
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Great stuff, SardonicOne

On Wisconsin!
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