Its not even Thanksgiving yet! -
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I was on the freeway the other night and I looked at an apartment building and saw an apartment all decked out for christmas...lights, tree, decorations, etc. You have got to be kidding me!
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Yep, they're popping up all over around here too.

I also must say that I am dissapointed. Normally your posts are much, much better than this.

I was expecting a one-legged santa pissing himself and picking fleas out of his beard while harassing a child on a schoolbus.

Try harder next time.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”





Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked on top of each other.

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Jenna, that was hysterical!!!! but yeah, like I saw a homeless Santa on someone's front porch relieving himself.....

Our whole neighborhood is Christmas-ified already and there are three lit trees in the windows of homes I run by. Star 102.5 started 24 hour Christmas songs a week ago. I expect to see the ladies driving wreath-fronted SUVs, or those red noses and antler decorations people put on cars and trucks, any day now, too.
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I've seen one house on my way home from work that is all lit up. Like, overkill, lit up!

and along main street where I work, workers are out today, putting up the Christmas decor on the lampposts. Our little town is so freaking cute when it's all decked out for Christmas though. I love it.



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****, if I were prone to decorate I'd probably want it to at least be up long enough to enjoy it for all the work involved
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or just do what my marmie does and leave the lights up year round! Saves a helluva lotta time!

"What happened to moonbeams and lollipops and unicorns?" -Brutal
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WTF...this is MN. You're supposed to put them up when it is freezing, not 50F

Fricking neighbors have their house all decorated up. NO one turns the lights on until Thanksgiving or after though.

ToB: At any rate, oh yeah, existence is futile.....
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I haven't seen any decorations up. That could just be because I haven't been anywhere though.

I saw on the news that the Myer Christmas windows are up though. And they had some kind of Santa parade. Like, two weeks ago.
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The office building along the main road here has its huge Christmas tree up on the roof already. Noticed it when I drove by last week. I have to admit that I LOVE Christmas lights/decorations everywhere and it always makes me sad when they get taken down in Jan. BUT I am old-school. Never before Thanksgiving!
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