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A young man from Tennessee is on spring break in Florida, and meets a good looking woman about his age. She tells him that she is on break from college, too. He says: "What school do you go to?" She says, "Yale." So he shouts, "WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO?"

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A church is putting on a Christmas pageant. 3 guys come up to the preacher and tell them they want to be in the pageant, but they all share one truck. Preacher says "That's fine. You can be the three wise men."

The 3 wise men miss the first rehearsal because their truck has broken down. The preacher says, "That's no problem. Just read your Bible. The whole story is in there."

The night of the pageant, the three wise men show up in fireman, helmets, coats, the works. The preacher says, "What are you doing? I told you to read the Bible for the story!"

One of the guys says "We did, preacher. It said 'three men came from afar'!"
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The Alabama and Auburn football players were in Florida on spring break. The Auburn players couldn't help but notice that the girls were all over the Alabama guys, so one of them asked what the secret was.

"Well," the Alabama player said, "what you've got to do is put on one of those tiny little Speedo swimsuits and stick a big old potato in it."

The Auburn player thanked his friend and shared the news with his teammates. They all went out and bought Speedos and a bag of potatoes, but when they returned to the beach, they noticed that the girls were staying farther away from them than before.

The Auburn player went back to the guy who told him what to do, quite angry that the advice has backfired so badly. "Dude," the Alabama player said, "the potato goes in the FRONT!"
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(funny though)
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