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techgoddess 05-21-2009 02:31 PM

Well, the baseball part is just the guy's experience catching baseballs, but it's a great story anyway!

Banker rescues ducklings

altoids 05-21-2009 03:18 PM

Love it

altoids 05-21-2009 03:18 PM

Can you imagined if he missed one with the crowd gathered? Yikes!

Hairy Trotter 05-21-2009 03:21 PM

Although I worry about what lessons this teaches the kids about personal responsibility. Mama duck made a poor decision to nest on the ledge, but rather than be forced to face the consequences of that decision, she was let off the hook by The Man.

mrscoby78 05-21-2009 03:35 PM


aphigirl01 05-21-2009 03:36 PM


That was a cute story.

the kenyan 05-21-2009 03:42 PM

thats what i'm talkin bout!

APRR Chuck 05-21-2009 04:43 PM

probably not needed though...heres video of duckling falling much further, albeit a softer landing pad

sandyrocks 05-21-2009 06:07 PM

One of my favorite stories as a child was
"Make way for Ducklings". The video reminded
me of that story with the mama duck waddling
away and babs behind her. Perious story.
thanks TG for the video

techgoddess 05-21-2009 06:14 PM

quack quack

torque 05-21-2009 06:54 PM

Tres cool!

Baby ducks can survive a fall from a 9 story building...they bounce really well at that age. They would have been fine even if the banker hadn't of shown up...but cool none-the-less

seattlegirl 05-21-2009 06:59 PM

That's awesome!!!

But I was expecting this story to be about your family.

techgoddess 05-21-2009 07:17 PM

No ducks here, sorry! But minidude does capture a toad every Friday and keep it in an aquarium over the weekend, then set it free on Sundays. Last week's toad was really cute. Not as cute as a duckling, though...

Xavier Dan Q 05-21-2009 07:19 PM

I saw that story on the ABC News the other night.

Very cool, but why didn't they give him a ladder right away?

Although it would have ruined some excellent shoe string catches.

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