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Monday the 5th (TUESDAY!)

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Good Morning,

 Up and trying to get motivated for a run.  Even though I don't run during the practices at night, they sure do make me tired.  Ugh.


S T U P E N D O U S ???? Man!  :-)


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Today is Tuesday icon_flower.gif


Did my long run yesterday, another 20 in the books. Hoping to do an easy elliptical today between my co-op work at the school and work.

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No plows out yet, so the run can wait until later this afternoon.

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Snow has barely started here. Was supposed to have piled up overnight...the weather dudes were way off on the timing of this storm.
No worries. Should have somewhere between 5-10" (way to pin it down, fellas)by tomorrow morning, depending on which crazy weatherman we believe. rolleyes.gif

I saw on fb that you'd posted about doin the 20 on a TM. Yikes! Yikes! Do you watch tv? Movies? Or just zone out to music?

I've got a TM plod on tap this morn. A massive 3 or 4 miler. Woot. Ha!

Not much else going on today.
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I watched 4 or 5 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on HUlu.

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