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Is it Monday already? 3/4/13

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Hello Shannon!


Monday is usually my rest day, but since we are going to DC over the weekend to visit my SIL, I am going to try to make Sunday my rest day.  This week should be front-loaded with some hefty workouts.  Oy vey my coach is bringing it this week.  BUT, today was an easy day.  I ran an hour (7 miles/8:43 pace).  I was crazy tired though as I haven't slept well all weekend.  You know the kind of sleep where you are sleeping super lightly and wake up every hour or so?  Yeah, that has been my last 3 nights.  Bring on moar coffee!!  I also did my arm weights this morning.  Should otherwise be a pretty average day.


Anyone have any fun or any good QODs?

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Morning all


tiring weekend of running for me.  I had 60 min at GRP on Saturday and then did 20 yesterday.  Followed that with a nap and lifting.  Oy


It is snowing buckets now.


what up?

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Yeah, we are supposed to get 6-10" of snow starting tonight too.  Please make it stop.


Nice work BTW Brandy.  I am excited to see how Boston goes for you!

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I'm having a work crisis that could potentially undo weeks of work. And I'm stuck waiting for support to call be back. Arrgh! I had a med check appt on Friday and my Dr made an adjustment to my thyroid meds - she added a new one that is supposed to help a lot. I started it yesterday due to a stomach bug type thing I had on Saturday but so far so good! I'm hoping to hop on the treadmill after work, but the new meds are making my head so clear, morning workouts could be back in the offing soon! DD had her final skating competition yesterday and she closed out with another gold medal. I'm so proud - she's worked hard all season and it's paid off.
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Good morning, ladies.  I hope everyone is doing well on this Monday...


I ran 10 miles on Saturday and 3 yesterday.  I'll probably have time for about 3 today.  Umm, I guess I have another marathon in 10 weeks, so I gotta get cracking...


Originally Posted by Brandy View Post


what up?


Is that the QOD


Well, I brewed some more beer yesterday.  I still haven't tried my first batch yet.  I botted it about a month ago, so it should be ready to go.  This second batch is an IBA (or Black IPA).  A week or so for fermenting, then another week for dry hopping, then on to bottling. 

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Day 1 of clean(er) eating was successful yesterday.  No fried stuff.  No colas.  No red meat.  No heavy sugar stuff.  (I say that as even ketchup and salad dressing usually has sugar... I'm not getting that picky!)

Today is proving to be much more challenging, as my routine at work usually has me digging into a can of coke zero by now, and mentally, the snack-sized packages of nice salty, crispy potato chips in my desk are calling my name.  Alas.. they'll have to wait.  If I still want them on Wednesday, I'll grab them.


Still no real fitness stuff for me, though Fri and Sun I did upper body weights, and started up core again.  Friday was kind of funny.. after making an appointment with a new physical therapist (specializing in sports medicine), I was a little fired up..  I figured I could at least do arm stuff and crunches - though crunches in all fairness, I hadn't done in MONTHS.  So.. what do I do?  Pick Midnight Starr's song - Freakazoid - and go to town for the entire song.  Sat = ouch.  Sun = holy hell!  My abs hurt so much that when I start to sneeze, somehow my body involuntarily stifles most of the sneeze!  Ahh well.. it's all good.   1st PT apt with the new group is tomorrow afternoon. 


Hope you guys have a wonderful and safe week!

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Hi all!
Broke the post-hm rest with 2 miles in the tm at home and some core work. Felt fine, but I didn't have time for more. Working on my plan for the rest of the year now. I sent dh asking about the date if a hm I'm considering and he said"fine, but can you train hard enough for x time?" Aaaaack!
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Ailarie - you need a no fail environment.  Get rid of the crappy snacks in the drawer and the soda at home.  Can't cave if you don't have it available.  Keep up the good work.  As for salad dressing?  Kath has a great recipe that has zero sugar/bad stuff in it.  Since we got it from her, haven't used store bought...in about 4 years.


Max effort day today.  Wanted to gauge progress so Tonya and I did the crossfit total. She can share her numbers if she wants.  1 rep max in squat, overhead press (strict - no using the legs at all), and deadlift.  My totals were:

Squat 225

Press 125

Deadlift 265

Total - 615 which puts me firmly in the novice category for my weight class.  Increased from the last time I did this in July.  But still significant room for improvement. Now I have a good idea where to start as I plan the next few weeks.


Thankfully the snow looks like it's going to miss us this time!

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Good morning all!   Since I'm on DD (dad duty) today and tonight I got my carcass up early to hit the 6 a.m. CF class before my sisters left for work... good stuffs too once I actually opened my eyes  biggrin.gif  A great two-parter with lots and lots of cleans and some ball slams, which I haven't done before but thoroughly enjoy.


Originally Posted by KP View Post

Ailarie - you need a no fail environment.  Get rid of the crappy snacks in the drawer and the soda at home.  Can't cave if you don't have it available.  Keep up the good work.  As for salad dressing?  Kath has a great recipe that has zero sugar/bad stuff in it.  Since we got it from her, haven't used store bought...in about 4 years.


I completely agree!  If you feel you *need* to have some sort of treat or something off the clean eating path, pick it up for yourself on that designated day.  And b/c I saw your post yesterday might I suggest a great sweet alternative in the form of sliced apple + almond butter... great, filling snack if straight up fruit isn't cutting it for your sweet tooth.  


KP - I haven't done the CrossFit total but it sounds exactly like what I need to do... my 1 and 3 rep max numbers aren't shit b/c I don't test and re-test at a time away from actual workouts.  And what it means is that I'm probably going lighter in workouts when I don't need to be.  Thanks for the info!


Brandy - it makes me happy to see you feeling better and stronger about your running... keep it up!


Missy - great job on the LR this past weekend, how is the bod feeling afterwards?




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I'm also interested in Kath's dressing recipe! 6 days gluten-free over here...
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Originally Posted by NCRG71 View Post

I'm also interested in Kath's dressing recipe! 6 days gluten-free over here...


Count me in as interested too!   Although a recent favorite has been one that I make with my shredded brussel sprouts:  olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, dijon mustard 


AND, OMG!!!  Tessemae's... if you HAVE to buy dressing and you can find this near you, don't hesitate ... BUY 'EM ALL!   There are like 4-5 ingredients in each variety, all being "real" ingredients and mega tasty. I've used the zesty ranch in place of olive oil when roasting veggies, TO DIE FOR!  


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Can you get Tessamae's at Whole Foods? Sounds delish.

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Originally Posted by kjboston View Post

Can you get Tessamae's at Whole Foods? Sounds delish.

You can but sadly it's not at all locations and it appears they don't have any distribution in CA yet  sad.gif  http://www.tessemaes.com/find-our-product/

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Aftenoon 30's I lifted and did a little over 4 miles this morning.  Maybe I will do more later but we shall see.


I would really like to eat cleaner.  My weight is good but I wouldn't mind putting on a little more muscle and losing some fat.  My should is feeling pretty good but I am still not pressing anything straight over head.  I don't think I am too far off though.


QOD probably too late but how many of you stretch before you run.  I always do but my wife doesn't at all.  There are times I don't think I could move it I didn't stretch first.

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QOD: never.  But my husband always does too.  If I stretch, it is in the evening long after my run, but that is rare (although I know I should do it more).

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I'd love Kath's dressing recipe too. 


Ailarie-  we bought a pineapple this weekend and I cut it up last night.  For an evening snack, I had some of the pineapple plus plain non-fat Greek yogurt and it was even better than I thought it would be.  Even if you don't normally like the taste of plain yogurt, the pineapple was sweet enough that it offset the tang of the plain yogurt much more than I expected. Filling too.  Maria's suggestion of almond butter and apple slices is good too, I love that.  I am not much help for finding alternates to salty, crunchy snacks though.  Crunchy veggies are good when I'm in a crunchy veggie mood, but not when I'm in a crunchy salty snack mood. rolleyes.gif


QOD-  I don't stretch before hand, but I do try to walk for about 2-5 minutes to warm up the muscles a bit.  I am bad about stretching post-run as well, but I am trying to improve on that.


Speaking of running, I am still getting in a workout 2 days a week right now.  The only week I haven't done a run/walk at least once (and usually twice) was the week I went to NYC and I figure all my walking I did on the trip made up for my laxity earlier in the week.  As of last week, I am up to 1 mile without a break.  I did 2 miles on Monday and just one on Weds.  Today will be 2 miles again with a short walk break after 1 mile.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up enough to do intervals like this outside.  It will make adding a 3rd day a lot easier.

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Great job w/the consistency, Kris!


Originally Posted by bard73 View Post

Crunchy veggies are good when I'm in a crunchy veggie mood, but not when I'm in a crunchy salty snack mood. rolleyes.gif


Small amounts of nut mix do the trick for me but I have to portion it out ahead of time otherwise I'll eat the whole bag  biggrin.gif


QOD - I also don't stretch ahead of time but always start out pretty slow and ease into a run; I will stretch afterwards

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You guys are funny. Any of you who've eaten at my house have probably had the dressing - we use it for everything. Salad, marinade, in casseroles.... It shows up everywhere. And it's stupid simple, but SOOOOO good.


Italian Dressing

3 garlic cloves

1 tst salt

1/4 c cider vinegar

1/4 c fresh lemon juice (it's way better if it's fresh)

freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1 T dried oregano


1/2 c olive oil

1/2 c mild oil (safflower, sunflower, etc)


With a mortar & pestal (or a chef knife on your cutting board) mash the garlic and salt together to make a paste. Put it in a bowl or jar and add vinegar, lemon juice, black pepper and oregano. Wisk until salt is dissolved and other ingredients are combined. Slowly add both oils* and wisk till combined. 


*I use significantly less oil than what this calls for. I add it slowly and wisk until it emulsifies, which doesn't take the full amount.




I also make really good honey mustard dressing, which is more a by eye thing than measurements. I'm always making it in different quantities, so... Thin a good amount of coarse ground deli style mustard with vinegar. (Maybe 3T mustard and 2T vinegar?)  Add a squirt of honey (to taste, maybe a tablespoon or less?), and then wisk in only enough olive oil to emulsify it. YUMMY.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _


CRAP night of sleep, so couldn't get up to run this morning. Then my meeting this morning got hijacked by the owner, for FOUR HOURS. And then he scheduled another meeting for later this afternoon, so I pretty much got nothing done today. Annoying.


Anyway, Monday is usually an off day for me, but with the March challenge, I hopped on the tm for a mile after work. Then did a TON of lunges and pliés, and then walked O a couple miles. That boy is the smiliest shepherd EVER. So funny.


I can already feel the lunges. HA. Will make tomorrow morning's run interesting.




Did anyone come up with a QOD???

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Oh, wait.


Stretching QOD: Since normally I roll out of bed and run, I don't stretch till after. But I do try to spend 5 min or something stretching. Which isn't all that much, but I'm kind of afraid to be more bendy than I am, cause chiro says the super flexibility is part of the problem with the instability in my back.

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Ok, readily admit my brain is fried today. Can't remember a darn thing.


Ailarie, do you have a dehydrator?

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5.6 miles at lunch today. Beautiful weather.  Felt labored, but got a little bit better as I went on.

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I did an easy 3 this evening before picking up DD... 


Stretching.  I swing my arms and legs around wildly for a few seconds before I start to run to loosen up.  That's about all... 

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Hi all - well, I didn't quite recover from the "101" workout (basically, a lot of stair climbing and descending) that I did last Wednesday...well, specifically, my calves didn't, even with a rest day afterward. Went out Friday for a pace run and tweaked my lower right calf after about a mile and a half. It's not too bad compared to others I've had, but I'm definitely not wanting to injure it worse so I'm playing it conservatively run-wise. If it's feeling decent by Thursday (based on the latest weather models, we'll be getting some decent snow the next couple days here in Central Ohio), I'll go out for an easy run to test it out.

It's annoying because it cuts into the Crossfit routine as well - got in a good upper body workout today (I improvised with 10 sets of a resistance cord row, sit-up, push-up, assisted pull-up and assisted handstand push-up, starting with 40-30-20-10-10 on the first set and reducing each exercise respectively by 4-3-2-1-1 reps each set, for time.)

On a positive note, the Szechwan green beans with tofu I cooked up on Friday was quite excellent. The genuine peppercorns and red chilis I got from an Asian store really made it super tasty.

Also, our BiL is making slow but steady progress. He's off the oxygen and if things continue in this stable mode, he'll be transferred to a regular room in a few days.

Kudos to Cindi on knocking Phoenix off her marathon ledger - onward to Boston

Missy - sounds like you're making a quick return back up to mileage! And those salmon burgers look awfully delish

Timr - I guess the best strategy is to take it easy and try to enjoy the 50K as much as possible. Best of luck!

Some nice mileage totals for the month for many of you (Brandy, Ron, etc.) Doing this hybrid Run/CF thing makes me feel undertrained run wise, but I'll be all good if I can cover the half-marathon distance no problem by end of April. I can leave the harder training for the summer for the TBD fall marathon.

Hurrah for getting back to running Kath And your running of late sounds like all sorts of fun Duck

Amy - nothing wrong with vat of soup day smile.gif

KP - that sounds like a pretty awesome total in my book; nice to hear that you're progressing well

Calming work vibes to you Shannon - hoping the tweak in the meds does the trick for you

Oooh, boB - that sounds yummy. Let us know how that homebrew turns out

QOD - stretching comes typically after my run or workout. I really do need to warmup before I can make good progress with my stretches

Waving hello to Tonya, Maureen, Lori, Alexis, GoV, BigG, Craney, Litch and anyone else I have seen recently - here's hoping you all have good Tuesdays tomorrow
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