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Monday again :( 3.4.13

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Beautiful day here today.   60 degrees and a little wind this morning.  6 miles with avg of 8.21.    Would have been faster has it not been for my running partners dinner last night.   Had to make a pit stop and I went on very slowly so he could catch up.

Think I'll cut my mileage back this week and try to run an 8K this weekend.  This race was always a fast 10k but they've changed the course and distance this year.   Might be a nice change and challenge.


carry on kickstars.

Hi Baba

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Sounds like a plan KS!

And lovely weather there, I must say.


Can't complain here either, it's nice and sunny and crisp outside today.  -8°C when I headed for work.

Got in a whole 2 miles on the TM..... alternating 2 minutes walk, 2 minutes run. Then some hip and calf strength work.

And the foot is so far holding up.

Baby steps......

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keep holding up foot!!


Hi John, Hi Heme!


Going to run after work today. Normally I wouldn't because I ran fri, sat and sun but today is our nice day this week - sunny, mild - and then it turns to off and on rain all week, but nice again for the wknd. So, I hate to let a nice day go to waste when the rest of the week might be unpredictable. 


David starts track today. this past week and weekend has been a test in patience for him! He's been so anxious for track and said even though this was only a regular 2 day wknd, it felt SO long because he just could not wait for today!   Time trials will probably be later this week - like thursday - so if they need help, i'll probably head over to school that day and help out.

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Hi, Gang.

   I put in another three-miler today, third day in a row. I have up until now settled for twos for pre-workday workouts but managed a little extra today. Perhaps even a new standard.


Good runs, all

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Wow.  Everyone's healthy?  We should celebrate.


6 M on the TM, plus some core work.  My rest day tomorrow promises to be taken up with snow-shoveling x-training.

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...hi guys//............Yay for heme's foot.........



rest day


......................good running to the rest of ya

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Snow shovelling is a great x-training exercise - about once a year. It gets real old really quickly!

No snow here: a sunny afternoon with temps in the mid 50's. 5.25 miles a tad under 8:00/mi pace. Felt not bad... smile.gif
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7.2 miles on the treadmill in an hour.  Right leg wasn't ready to run but I drug it along for a couple miles until it got with the program.

Forecast anywhere from 1-8 inches of snow tomorrow depending on where the storm hits.

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