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Monday the 4th

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Good Morning,

COLD start to the day here and I have no desire to run in 32 feels like 26 but I have no other time to run but now.  UGH!   Work then soccer practice so a long day today!   Have a good one everyone!


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FB- that sounds like here, not Florida!!!!!! I have a long run on tap today, cold today, warm tomorrow. That is how it always is. DD has class only 2 days this week, then they are closed for three days for parent teacher conferences.

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Wow, Eric...that is super cold for this time of year in northern FLA.
Btw, congrats to the Boilers on spoiling the Home Finale for the Badgers. wink.gif

Not sure why the school is closed for three days.
When we had P-T conferences, we'd be closed a day for conferences, then have one day compensatory for staff (as per contract negotiating)

Not going to bootcamp today.
Instead, will torture myself with some upper body heavy weight work at home. cool.gif

Massive storm moving in overnight. 6-10" for our area by the end of Tuesday.
Guess I'd better get some errands run today.

This evening, I'm meeting up with a bunch of teachers for supper at the Great Dane Brew Pub...
and, of course, the will be lots of good gossip. biggrin.gif
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Ran 8 and 16 miles this weekend.  Yowza!


Porty the snow is headed our way too.  Started about an hour ago.  :le sigh:


Short week here...conferences.  We have Thur and Fri off.

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The local weather dudes have been playing with computer snowfall estimates all weekend.
Just to the southwest of me, the area may get 10-13".... Hope it doesn't shift over this way.

We need the moisture, so I can't complain.
...well, maybe just bitch a little...

Love winter, but am really ready to move on to gardening season!
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