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Rev3 2013 Races

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Let me know if you're planning to do any, I'm working on pulling together a group of folks and getting some discount codes. I've got people from across the specturm coming together it should be good times - virtual friends, close friends, several local tri clubs, etc!


For me, I'll be at

5/5 Knoxville

8/11 Dells

8/25 Maine

9/8 Cedar Point

11/10 Florida <tentative>


(yes I'm doing 3 races in 6 weeks!)


I don't know what distances I'm doing right now. I'm signed up for 1/2Rev Aquabike across the board at the moment as that's the default. I'm not running at the moment, but hopefully that will change next week. I figure I will do Aquabike for Knoxville.


Kind of hoping to do Dells Olympic, Maine 1/2 Aquabike, and then Cedar Point HalfRev.  However... I may instead do all 1/2 Aquabikes and then FULL aquabike at CedarPoint - not real sure.


Even if you're looking at another race, let me know. If you have signed up, I cannot help, but if you have not I will try to get a code here in a bit. I have no idea them amount, but I figure everything helps right!

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em73, cak73 and I are doing the OOB Oly.  We are trying to wrangle a few others in as well. :) 

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I'm doing the Half at OOB (already registered with the early bird discount).





Was gonna do the Oly at Quassy, but it's 6 days after a half marathon that I intend to race so I won't be doing it.  If other folks from my tri club are racing on Sunday, might be fun to ride down there on Saturday and volunteer on Sunday.

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I just got a call from Rev3 saying that they saw I was registered for the OOB oly and did I have any questions.


The only question I had was did they have an announcement yet for a potential full. 


They're in permit discussions for a potential full in 2014, so they won't say anything until they're complete.  She wouldn't say where, or if it was an existing venue or a new venue... but there's a chance of a second Rev3 full in 2014.



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Originally Posted by em73 View Post

I just got a call from Rev3 saying that they saw I was registered for the OOB oly and did I have any questions.


They called me, too, and even left a message on my answering machine!  I thought that was very classy.

(thanks for asking about a potential FullRev!  how unbelievably FREAKIN' AWESOME would that be if it were at OOB in 2014?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!)

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I'm in for the Quassy 70.3 and the OOB Oly.
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I am in for Williamsburg and Cedar Point.  Half at both.

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CP Woot! I get to meet 1Topodope!  If you haven't registered, let me know and I can hook you up with a code.


And guys, if we think we might be able to get 10 - or close for Maine (florida, Qassy, Williamsburg), let me know and I'll lobby for a code. Ideally, only supposed to get a code if I can put together 10. And peope that've signed up already I can't help sorry! :(

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I already signed up for Maine, but I got the early bird discount, so no complaints.

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Sweet! I haven't registered for either race, yet. If you have a code for CP that would be awesome. I am sure CC thinks this is my way of hoping these races sell out -haha!
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