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Friday the 13th, April

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watch out for those black cats today


I think I'm gonna get a quick mile in on the TM, then a good stretch.  Race tomorrow... Really have no idea how I'm going to do.  Had a pretty nice 4 miler yesterday, lots of energy at the end, and that makes me feel a little better.  Kind of a po-dump race, less than 200 people signed up, but I'm not really looking for hardware, I'd rather just have a nice finish time. That being said, anything under 21:00 will be acceptable, under 20:45 good, under 20:29 PR.  We'll see.

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BBS--good luck tomorrow!


Running in circles for me this morning.  Uh, yah...  NOTHING felt good.  Did loosen up after a while, but certainly wouldn't call it a good run.  3m total.  Did dawn on me that I rode 47mi yesterday.  This early in the season that is a decent number.

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Happy Friday gang...

Fishbowl for me this morning. Tough one with 300 time trials on the agenda. After some warmups, drills and short sprints, we did 3 sets. I was gasping for air on the last one. Tough workout. 1650 total for the morning.

After that running long tomorrow sounds easy by comparison.
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Good morning everyone.  Today is a rest day.  I need it as I am sore from all the good running this week.


Have a great day everyone.

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BBS - Good luck with the 5k.  Please run an acceptable race.  There are two black cats that are digging up DWs plants and pooping in our yard.  Please come by with hunting equipment.

4boysmom - you forgot you rode 47 miles?  LOL  I guess that distance is merely a warm up for you.

Hawk - nice job speeding though the pool.

kfuller - those speed sessions will get ya.  Rest up


4 easy miles around work for my last pre-marathon run.  67F and windy.


We fly out tomorrow morning.  Experiencing mild to moderate panic that will rise to fever pitch as the race approaches.  My wife is a saint for putting up with me on such occasions.   The weather is not looking promising... I really do not want to endure another hot marathon. Will do my best to avoid the stomach issues that have plaqued/crippled me in similar conidtions.  I had a strategy that worked in NYC, as it was pretty warm for the 1st half in the full sun, but that was only high 50s.  So, the possibility of a PR at Boston is fading by the second... tear rolls down cheek.

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Crazy schedule past couple days but I couldn't let another day go by without stopping in to post a GO RA!!!!!


No run today, but looking for a long one this weekend.  Haven't even had time to get the new kicks that my feet a screaming I need.  

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