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Thursday, April 12th

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Rise and Shine



It turned all cold here. Doesn't look like it'll stay long though.  Gonna get in an easy 4 this morning as soon as I can find my motivation..

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Good morning! Thanks for all those virtual hugs.


BBS - It's been freezing here and I am so sick of it. I really hope we get those 85* days next week. I need it for my sanity.


I got in another 20 minute run through the neighborhood this morning.


4BM, not sure I ever shared the story of my back. Just sort of stopped visiting you guys and got really busy with my life since last summer. This blog post from last Jan explains it, http://sneakersister.com/2012/01/10/climbing-back-from-my-hole/

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Morning BBS & Jill.

BBS - hope you find that mojo. When's the big turkey feast?

Jill - Glad to see you working your way back. It will all come back. It always does.

As for me - I have a busy workday and then a 5pm massage appointment, so I'll probably just call it a rest day. Believe it or not last night's run was the first time in at least 6 weeks that I actually ran 3 straight days. Tomorrow is a planned swim day but Saturday has another long run on the dance card, likely 12, maybe 14. Now that I'm treating the 4/22 HM as a training run I am not too concerned about tapering before it. I will save that for the run-up to Broad Street on 5/6.
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Jill--will read through your blog.  Glad you are back!

Hawk--rarely do I run two days in a row, never ever three.  My legs have promised very bad things will happen.

BBS--we had frost here this morning!  As in scrape the windshield frost.


Dropped the van off at the shop and rode home, blowing past home for an additional 24, short 35 total.  Will add 12 more this afternoon when I pick up the van.  Funny thing about athletes knowing exact distances--last time the van was to the shop she had to be towed from home.  The tow truck driver told me that it was over 15mi and would not be covered by roadside assist.  I called BS.  Before the van died in the driveway, I had planned on dropping her off and RUNNING home.  I know *this route* is a shy 12mi, taking the highway is shorter.  Uh, he'd have to recalculate that.  Well, what do you know.  It's 12mi and would be covered.

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Good morning everyone.  I am tired this morning.  I have 6 X 400 on the schedule for today.  Hopefully it will not wear me out very much.  Have a great morning everyone.

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Jill - welcome back!   I'll have to sneak a peak at your blog.


Tapering off my Boston taper.  Panic is the name of the game.  I THINK I've decided to wear my 5k to HM race shoe (Saucony Fastwitch 4).  The DST16s are too clunky and my AdiZeo Mana 5s seem to rip up my pinky toes but I've run 16 mils @ m-pace in them so maybe I'll take them as a back up?  Maybe I need fewer options?  LOL. 


Anyway, we fly out Satursday morning and return Tuesday afternoon, with Boston 2012 finisher medals and jackets.  I think DW will bust a big PR.  I'm shooting for 3:05 (again).  Anything better than 3:10 will be a good day. 


Today I ran 5 or so at lunch at it was 61F and sunny.  I really hope it's cooler on Monday else it could get ugly.  My bid is #4632 if you want to track me... be kind if it looks bad :)

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RA-  If the weather we have now is moving your way it should be much cooler on Monday or maybe not.  Good luck either way.


I got in 6 X 400 on the treadmill as it is raining/snowing really good right now.  All 400's were done at 6:11 pace or 1:32 per, which is where I was suppose to be.  It was a good workout today.  Overall I got in 4 miles. 

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Hi everyone.  SOme nice work today.


Another slow, easy breezy 4 miles with my co-workers.  It's more like bouncy walking with gossip, but I love it.

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