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Monday, Apr. 9 - WORKOUTS!

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Good morning, TEAM LIT!


Solid workouts by many over the weekend. Love seeing those bike rides get longer and longer. A friendly reminder to be extra diligent about cars this time of year. Drivers aren't exactly used to seeing cyclists on the roads, so their instincts aren't exactly in your favor. I say this because accidents happen this time of year a little too regularly. A friend from my old Tri club went down. Be careful.


Injury Update: After Friday, Saturday and Sunday as forced rest, where I did only enough to keep the streak alive, my toe has been responding. Sunday especially was a big day. I've been icing and resting since then, and on Sunday, even out in the yard doing yard work, I felt not a thing. The area is still tender, but the acute pain is gone. And by Sunday, while out in the yard (tried to stay out of the yard but it wasn't possible), I started forgetting about it being injured. Couple times I found myself walking on it normally. Overnight foot felt very good. All of which is a good sign, so much that I think Boston will not only happen but I might be able to race also.


Weekend Recap...


Saturday: 2 mile walk-into-gentle jog.


Sunday: 2 mile walk-into-gentle jog.


Monday: 3 miles easy but strong pace (strong pace because, well, I'm rested) after allowing myself a full stride. Toe felt good. I even tried to toe-off normally rather than plodding.


Great day, gang!

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Hello everyone!


Sounds like lots of postive upswings in health over the weekend.  Yahoo!  Great to read about.  Weekend recap for me:

Saturday: 10 on the scheule with 7 in front of a 5k.  Hubster had some sock issues so we got in 6 before 5k then 5k and called it a day at 9 and drank our Smuttynose courtesy of the beer series.  Happy to say although the legs felt like cement for some reason we still did a sub 10 pace over the whole of the 9.  Took the college niece out for dinner.  Good to catch up with her and still be relatively cool in her eyes. 

Sunday:  eating...  lots of eating...  Brie in puff pastry with apricot jam did not look like our best work by far but it must have tasted good because it was pretty much gone by the time dinner rolled around.  Will make again but cook differently and use different puff pastry next time.


Monday:  65 minutes on the trainer for me tonight after work.  Appt with rheumatologist for regular check in.  Let's see what he has to say about it all.  Hope to get in some strength work/PT too.


Good day to all. Happy taper Boston Peeps.  Mike: know the weather will change about 100 more times between now and 4/16.  surprised.gif

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MQ - the brie/apricot dish sounds YUMMY!


Thor - glad the toe is behaving for now.


AFM - First 1000y in the pool since I don't know when.  Helped calm me down after a disastrous morning in the office.  Days like today make me look forward to being a stay at home mommy for a bit...although I'll miss the easy pool access.  I think I've picked out my comeback triathlon for next summer, an itsy bitsy super sprint.  smile.gif

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18 mile lunch ride - mid 17s, with some rollers. When will this spring wind stop? Hopefully Boston's not a windy slugfest...



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Just realized I've been MIA since last week...had family in town for the little otters' bday, Easter, general life kept me away!


Thor - glad you took some needed rest and the toe is better!

MQ - great run and race!

Sparty - so glad you hear you picked your race - yahoo!!

Reg - nice ride!!


Last week/weekend recap:

Thurs - 4m easy run

Fri - 16m hilly run - felt good, nice weather, fuel/hydration according to plan, new route which was a nice change!

Sat - DOR

Sun - 8m social and fun run with one of my best friends who is training for a May 1/2 marathon. Slower pace than normal for me, but had such a good time and very happy to be there for her longest run in probably over a decade. Great way to start out the day.


Tonight - 4-5m run on tap

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Daily run. Vicki ran with the club this week too.




47m 52s - 5.11 miles - 09m 22s/Mi

5:40 PM

Equipment: Fila Skele-lites

Warm/low 60s - Sunny and windy. Ran over to Community Center, social run with SCSRC, ran home.

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supposed to swim but back was killing me. Massage instead. Good choice.


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Good news Thor!

About 6 miles with DH. Still Thr groin area gets tight toward thr end. I'm starting the PT session on Wed - excited..
Happy to be able to squeeze in 2200m swim in the evening.
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Yay for Thor's big Thoe!


Short strength and core session before work this morning.

Loooong DT treatment afterwards. I swear, I'm not normally one for yelping, but this woman's super-sharp elbows can have me whimpering like Westley in the Pit of Despair. 


Sooo jealous of the long rides over the weekend!

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got in 5 good miles.. WAY too fast for my coaches liking, but felt good. legs are tired, but strong.  a few more days of taper and I'll be good!

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I went and got another foot and ankle xray - the bruising from the impact with the wine bottle is not visible, but it's very painful.  Just wanted to rule out any fracture from that.


Now back to my moping.

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Yay, Thor's toe!


Monica...glad still no fracture!



3400y at masters swim this morning

4x200 as 100 swim, 50 drill, 50 kick
1&3 free, 2&4 IM

100 fly as R arm, L arm, kick, stroke on 10sr
4x100 free on 2:00
100 back as R arm, L arm, kick, stroke on 10sr
3x100 free on 1:55
100 breast as R leg, L leg, kick, stroke on 10sr
2x100 free on 1:50
100 free as R arm, L arm, kick, stroke on 10sr
1x100 free <1:45

4x100 free FOCUS* on 2:00
100 free on 1:45
3x100 free FOCUS on 2:00
100 free on 1:45
2x100 free FOCUS on 2:00
100 free on 1:45

* think about breath/stroke timing, tight abs, positioning body in top 12" of water

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