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Monday, April 9th

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Morning, everyone.


Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday.  6 recovery miles on tap for me today.  May be a quick dip.  60-mile ride on part of the IM 70.3 course yesterday.  Some significant hills there.


Good ones.

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Morning Chances, that sounds like a nice ride yesterday.

As for me, I'm going to try again for that long run this evening, before the window on getting it done at all closes due to tapering requirements...for a HM I generally do a 10 day taper and today leaves me 13 days out. Knee feels OK today, no doubt because I didn't run yesterday...that's been the story of my past month, ie I can run fine every other day. The fishbowl and bike have been keeping me in the game.

Gotta run (figuratively), work is busy. Good workouts or rest days to all.
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Have fun with the recovery run Rob

SRD for me. Went turkey hunting this morning and got a pretty nice gobbler. Back to work tonight, DS has a baseball game this evening too.
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Good morning everyone.  I have 7 miles scheduled for today. 



Have a great morning everyone.

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Hello everyone.  My usual monday 10 is run and done.

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Jebba - Monday 10 spot.  Sweet.   I rarely run in Mondays. 

kfuller - 7.  I like it.

Hawk - 10 day taper for a HM?  Seems excessive.  For a goal race, typically duirng marathon training, a 70% to 80% race week (including race distance) seems to work best for me. Last month I didn't taper and it was tough but that was the plan.

BBS - Crap, it's Thanksgiving already?!

Chances - nice job with the Sprint tri.  Got your transition down?


Well, since I said I rarely run on Mondays, I ran today.  That's because my long run was on Saturday.  During that I ran with what I thought would be my marathon shoe setup... major hip and foot issues.  That may have been due to fatigue from Friday but I thought it'd be a taste of how I'd feel late in the marathon. i.e. tired legs.  I may switch back to the clunky DS Trainer 16s, then again I may change my mind a few times this week.  I sound like 4boysmom :)   Anyway, 1 week until Boston!  Fingers crossed for decent weather and my hip to not lock up (a la NYCM)... if those two things happen it'll be a good day.  Anyway, 6.4 miles at lunch... not as easy as planned since it was blowing at 20+mph and the back half seemed all into the wind.

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Hey all.


Like Hawk, I am behind schedule in the long run.  Tomorrow I am going to go for 10 miles in the trail.  Core workout today.


Race is 4/29 and I thought maybe I should start running on road surface since all my running for past 9 months have been on trails  Ran Saturday planning for 10 and the change of surfaces just killed me.  The wind was fierce and the route I picked was hills (I live in a valley, so kinda hard to find flat surface in town).  It was a slow death with each mile and ended up calling it a day after 6.  I was so bummed getting close to race day and yet I petered out so easily.  Who knew going from trail to black top was such a game changer.


fyi.... No more newbie runs.  She said she is taking a break, just wasn't sure if it is from running or from me badgering her :)  



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Asics--hey!!!  I resemble that comment!


Super busy day yesterday.  Started at 5am when I got up to put the breakfast casserole in the oven.  Then to church for sunrise service followed by breakfast and regular service.  Quick change then headed out for a spin.  Hoped for 30, but after eating the wind for 14mi, I decided that that was good enough and turned around for 28 for the day.  Back home for shower, prepare Easter dinner, consume, and clean up from said dinner.  THEN, off to church again!  Needless to say I fell into bed at 9pm.


SRD today.  Gee I wonder why???

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I got in a nice 7.5 miles.  My schedule said 7, but I ran the last .5 home as I needed to go pick up my son from school.  Overall it was a nice run.  Overall pace was 8:30.  It seems like my running is getting much better.  The average pace is getting faster and easier although my easy runs are suppose to be done at 8:36- 9:06 pace. 


Have a great evening everyone.

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11.77 miles on the trail near home. Finished as night fell.

RA - 10 day taper has always worked for me on a half. I still do the 80-60-40 approach, just in 3-day increments. wink.gif That said I'll probably only dial it back for a few days his time. This "goal" race is more likely a long training run for the Broad Street Run 2 weeks later.
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