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Good Saturday Morning

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Good Morning,

  Had a great time seeing my Dad and his gf yesterday.  They are on their way home this morning so it was a short trip.    No real plans for today.  The kids have some homework to do that they have been putting off all week.  We do have some stuff for the Salvation Army/Goodwill that needs to get written up and donated so we will probably work on that. 


Have a good day.



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glad you had a nice visit. super busy day at work today then costco and prob market since it is closed tomorrow.

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A busy Saturday on tap for the g'morn gang.

(typing in color is fun!)


I've got bootcamp, followed by yoga this morn.

Then likely some laundry, mow the yard, and farm duties.

Sis will till and prep the big gardens, then we'll put in the stakes/wire for the spring garden.

While she tills, I'll probably mow or weedwhack.



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Good morning folks! I'm trying to post using google chrome instead of IE. Let's see if it works. I've been trying to post for the past 2 weeks and everytime I try to submit the post, I get a stupid little message that says "Please write something before you submit your message". At any rate I have been reading faithfully (mostly) and wish you all a good weekend and Happy Easter. Gilberto
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I like Calvin.  smile.gif


Porti, what kind of farm? What will you plant? Besides asparagus?


5 miles for me this morning. Really pretty but cold morning.



While Oskar's sideways fang tooth came out yesterday, I never found it. Dh did this morning though, and saved it for me, "Sweetie, I've got something for ya!" huh.gif

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FB--today's C&H is pretty much my life in a nutshell.

Porty--Calvin's Challenge is a 12hr bike race.  There's a 50mi loop, then a 7mi loop that opens in the afternoon.  You ride as many loops as you can!  Last year I got 165mi, son1 204.


Work this morning.  Basic same old, same old.  One of the other handlers brought in their newest dog.  Good golly it looks like a dingo!  Sweet little thing that will make a great therapy dog once he's tested at 1yr.  Afternoon spin.  Basic long loop with an O&B.  One stop at m38.  Just shy of 60mi for the day.  Uh, my race is in one month???

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