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Kris, loved the dresses yesterday!  You look fab!  You too, Joe!


Last work day of the week then a 4 day vacation.  Well, I say vacation but it's not like I'm going anywhere.  Wish I was!

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Bard - while both dresses are absolutely lovely, I think YOU are just stunning.  You look so happy.  That makes me happy.


I am completely swamped at work.  gah.   I am going to have to come in and work over break next week to finish getting ready for state testing.  I'm a little irked about it b/c they docked me 1.5 days last week for my trip to nationals, even though I knew then I would have to work during break.


On the plus side, it looks like my home district will be able to close our budget gap with only 18 layoffs.  Which definitely isn't great - but it's much better than the 40 that was initially predicted.  We will not be able to survive another year of cuts like that again though.

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Hi Clare!!!

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Colleen! How are you? Feeling better these days?  Had an interview yesterday- not sure how interested I am in the role, but better to have options. Waiting to hear back on one that I had 3 hrs of interviews for last week, and have another interview with a different company on 4/16.

Moe- how's the new job? Amichel- Emersen was carrying around her puppy purse last night! 

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such a cute couple!


ran 10 last night.  it wasn't pretty.  I stlll feel pretty crampy and a little on the unhappy stomach side.  I am starting to wonder if my stomach issues have resulted in a nutrition issue thus the crampiness


decided to sleep in this morning vs. running.  Lifting after work and depending on how the legs feel, I may do a shake out run after.

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Hi everyone!


Love the pics Bard & Moonie.


Brandy - ugh - hope the stomach issues improve fast.


I had another awesome run this morning.  It was 35 degrees and sunny and I was cranking out the miles very easily and with a nice low heart rate.  Yay!  Started reading the second book in the Hunger Games series and am loving it.  No doubt I will finish it tonight.  Then I'll read it with the boys - I know they will love it too.


Off to work and then I get to run tonight with J-man!  We have 2.5 miles on tap.  Should be fun.


Have a great day.


ETA - Shannon - I was just reading about our SD budget cuts.  It was 1.5 million and there were some staff cuts, but not nearly as bad as anticipated.  Good news.

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morning all!


Dropping in to (with one hand) type a hello.  It hasn't even been 2 weeks since I fractured my elbow and I'm already over this full splint.  I can't wait to sweat again and run and even put my hair in a ponytail.  I'm not very patient.  Grr.  Any idea how difficult it is to put a bra on or pull your pants up with one hand?  Agh!!!



moonie and kris - love the pics

maria - how did the race go?

kath - how's oskar doing with bob home?



hope everyone's doing ok!  my spring break starts at 2pm today.  thank god. 

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RiL - do you have the 3rd book handy?  If not, you might want to pick it up before you finish #2...just sayin'... smile.gif


Boo for continues stomach problems and fractured elbows!


KJ - it's good to hear you have some options on the job front.  I'm not loving mine at the moment, but I'm definitely glad I have one to complain about.  Fingers crossed for you and Kath!


Icanjustsayno'oleenie - GOOD FOR YOU!  The guy was a tool and your brother was spot on with his advice.  Got any new puppy pics?


Well, it's 9:30 and the first morning of break for my kids and my cell phone hasn't rung once.  They've either slept in or killed each other already.wink.gif

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Lora - boo.  I am not very patient either, so I can imagine it is very rough.  


Shannon - yes, I already downloaded the 3rd one and warned DH that this would probably be taking up my next couple of week nights.  I was going to wait to start #2 to read it with the boys, but they have been uninterested as it is spring break and we relaxed the reading requirement.  Doubt I'll be able to wait until I finish reading them 2 to start 3 on my own (it takes much longer to read outloud).  While the movie was not of course as good as the book, it was fun to see it before I started 2 because I am imagining the characters as Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, etc.

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Good decision Kath.  Asshat.


Great run yesterday:  5 miles total with 3 at short tempo.  Goal pace was 9:05, hit 9:00, 9:07 (into the wind), and 9:03.  Wasn't easy, but felt good at the end.  Plus legs were a bit tired from playing the new star wars game!


Back to work today...at least I get Sunday off the next two weeks.


Have some patience Lora!  Gotta give it time to heal.

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Originally Posted by KP View Post

Good decision Kath.  Asshat.

Asshat indeed.


Really, I think he just took too much on (he was working on a film festival and web site and a few other big projects at the same time), but still. HE invited ME to do the show, and we were talking about it back in FEBRUARY. I shouldn't have to nag him for details.


Oh, and did I mention that despite asking he didn't get my name right in the program?




I wanted to do it because it would be exposure to a new audience that has a lot of disposable income, but... just not going to happen. At least at this gallery.


Mike is the printmaker brother. The one who writes about the art scene in Cleveland, (he's written stuff for the NEA and other organizations too) and has had his prints and books in galleries in Cleveland. Anyway, he is going to hook me up with some other shop owners. So there. wink.gif

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Good morning ladies & KP


Since we're booing, boo for asshats and owies. 


I only ran two miles yesterday becuase it was all I had time for, and it was an easy day anyway.  With the day off tomorrow, I reckon I'll do my long run just to get it out of the way.  Tonight I think I'll hop on my bike and log some miles that way.  Hopefully that'll leave me fresh for the long run tomorrow...


So the MLB season starts today.  Or did it start last night in Miami?  Or did it start last week in Tokyo?  It's too darn confusing...  icon_scratch.gif

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Kath, I think you should go all like this on that guy: 




Edit:  Hmm, that gif looks kinda choppy here.  Doesn't look choppy where I got it from.  Oh well... 

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Morning 30's.  I will lift later but not sure I will be able to get a run in.  Maybe something short.  I ran a little over 4 last night and picked in up for about 4 minutes after I had run 3.  It felt good.


((((for those who need it))))


I need to go back and look at the pictures.


Baseball season starts tomorrow here.

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The Brewers' home opener is tomorrow.  I actually had tickets to take a client but he couldn't make it, so I gave the tix up.  Is it bad that I was relieved?  While I love going to baseball games, if I am going to take a half day during spring break, I'd really like it to be so I can hang out with the kiddos.  So that is now how I am hoping to spend my Friday afternoon.  Should be a glorious day in Miller Park though.

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Good job hitting those paces, KP!

Add me to the list of Bard-Moonie admirers.

Too busy to run yesterday and it was hailing off and on all afternoon. I had a weird thing happen when I was descending the stairs at the track while carrying stuff. My left quad tendon/knee buckled and I very nearly went down. It was pretty sore last night so I iced it a bit, but today it feels fine, maybe just a little weak.

Bob, I have absolutely no interest in MLB these days. It's kind of sad. Now The Master on the other hand....
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Cottage Grove, Monona, Wisconsin and regional news, opinion, sports, events, and photographs, Monona Grove






Duck - yikes - hope that doesn't turn into anything serious.

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what a cute couple!!!! moonie and bard both have such great smiles :) where's that smiley emoticon with the hearts?!??

kp, nicely done on your run.

(((brands' tummy)) issues

good luck, kj. con'td love out to gray.

so nice to see you pop in, colleen! i've been thinkign of you. hoping the nausea disappears soon!

hey there, ron.

HIYA solar! ((((shoulder))) i'm surprised there haven't been any volunteers with your bra and pants...  ;) any fun plans for spring break?

boooooo. hissss. kath.

RIL and NCRG, i had each book downloaded before finishing the other so there wouldn't be any needless interupptions ;) i'm about 70% of the way through #3. can't wait to see the movie!

(((duck's knee/tendon))) be careful. no headfirst down stairs episodes.



AK and i have been taking bella to the beach for breakfast most of this week which has been awesome. she loves playing in the sand and bella gets a good pre-breakfast swim in. today, we went to swim class at the Y followed by lunch with AK's twin and mom. sad that i left lunch still hungry and had to come home and supplement. snort.


i need to get some stuff done during nap time. i'm going to make spinach muffins for AK. good days, all!!!!!!!

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Nice article Mindi!!!

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Hey folks!!!  Long time no...um, type?!  Just thought I would pop in and say hi.


Life has been crazy and busy and...crazy.  Kids are good, DH is good, I am good.  But work is killing me!  For the first time in the 20 years that I have done research I am considering leaving the lab.  Recent events have pushed me over the edge and I am thinking I need a change.  Luckily, some new opportunities are about to open up and 2 managers actually approached me about them so we shall see.  Something has to give and soon though. 


Running is going well for me (knock wood).  Still slow as can be but my long runs are back to a respectable distance :-)  I am getting ready for the Broad St run and looks like I might actually survive it!


Hopefully I can check in more often.  Love that I can keep up with so many of you on FB but I miss you all!!!! 


Hugs for injuries and hugs just cause I miss you all!

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Have you guys seen this year's Peeps Show? (work safe)

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Hello all. Interesting day here, but mostly good smile.gif

4.5 miles this morning. Looking forward to tomorrow's rest day!
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Beaker!!  It's good to see you! 


Ooh, Duck, I hope your legs are okay...

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How frustrating Kath! Your brother gave you some good advice!

(((Duck's quad/knee))) Take care of yourself.

(((Lora))) Patience, dearie. My mom had a similar situation a few years ago. She had a really rough time getting ready for work.

Woohoo for a good-feeling run, Ron!

(((Brandy's tummy)))

Your happiness just pops out of the pictures, Moon and Bard! You both look so lovely in the pictures and exuberant!

Very nice article RIL!

Nice run KP!

Hiya Clare!

Looks like you'll have a beautiful day for a long run tomorrow, Bob!

I am so envious of your trips to the beach, Missy. It sounds like so much fun. I know my labs would love that too!


I had a nice little 5 miler this morning before we hit the road to Central PA. As expected, I am a week late in the start of my training program. Better late than never, right?


Have an awesome day!!

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