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Tues 4/3

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Hi all...


5.2 easy miles this morning, high 30's & drizzling.....starting to get tired of this rain.

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Morning Johnny.

DOMS getting worse; not better.

Tom-Miss Lilys closed!
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...OH NO!!!!!  I loved that place.



well then,

try the Maple Leaf Lodge, a little price-y but good.




40min poolrun




ps ks,

I'll check in with you tomorrow by cellphone

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May be that that are remodeling. Lot of equipment in lot and some trucks. Ate at Smokie Junction-pretty good.

Going to meet Pue in an hour or do for a short hike and hopefully dinner.

Doms should be double delay! Youch
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Hi Johnny, KS, and TW


My legs aren't really sore, but I am paying for not doing any downhill running for 3 months this winter.  Tonight could have been one of the slowest painful runs I have done.

Those huge downhills at last weekends race  fried my quads and my knees and legs ached with every stride especially on the downhills.  I started out about 9 minute pace and worked my way down

as I got loosened up.  Usually after a half hour the endorphins kick in but my legs ached more the farther I ran.  My ambition was to do three 5 mile loops, but I knew after a few minutes that wasn't going to happen.  I ran the first lap in 42:30 and the second lap in 38:30 and decided that was enough pain for one day.  10 miles total in 81:00.


I don't think there is any way I can run more than two days a week doing these longer trail races.  It is taking my legs too long to recover.  On the shorter ones, I may be able to sneak in another run that week. 

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...rip//...you are One Tough Runner, but maybe cutting back is in the cards........



AMAZING pace for someone hurting.

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My short hike w pie turned into 2 hours on some wonderfully soft trails. Then dinner Pie and another runner. Tomorrow linchpin w a pirate. Life is good!

Legs still sore. I think it's the downhills in Knoxville so I know what RIP is saying.
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....and I've got the Tequilla Shooters ready and waiting......

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