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Healthy Eating - April 1 - April 7

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Good Morning!



Starting weight 207

Last week 192

This week 190. 

Goal:  185.


Yesterday was a crazy not healthy eating day for me, until dinner time.  Oh well.  Back at it this week.  I think I have finally convinced my wife to stop buying so many frigging snacks and chips.  


I hope everyone is still working hard to watch what they eat.


Congrats on finishing your race Meri!



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My whacky scale! I weigh myself like 5 times, it comes up 181 each time. Shower, shave, brush teeth, weigh again. 5 times it says 180!

So I move the scale to another place in the bathroom. 180. Move it again. 181. 5 times 181.

So, I'm taking 181, which I'm happy with anyway. If it truly is 180, then next week (assuming I find the right spot on the floor) will be even better.

Starting Weight: 204

Last Week: 184
Today: 181
Gain/Loss: -3
Total Loss: -23

Goal: 160 (or so)
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NIce job, guys.


I held steady, more or less.  105.8.


Going to start logging calories again.

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5 pounds to go man! That's just a few weeks!
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Yesterday didn't go so well, nor did this morning.

Several things I've noticed...

One, working from home, with all that food around, makes things difficult
Two, I made spaghetti sauce (which turned out awesome). However, I tasted too much. This is something I really need to work on. Tasting while cooking. Bad, bad Jeff!
Three, I need to plan my meals out, because if I do not, I have this bad tendencey to just eat, eat, eat. Like this morning, ran out of time, couldn't make a breakfast at home, went to McDonalds...

And while an Egg McMuffin isn't *that* bad (300 calories, 12 g fat), the hash browns aren't good at all. And, I certainly could have made my own version at home with Egg Beaters and Morningstar Farms fake sausage that would have been half the calories and fat. Or, fruit and yogurt. Or wheteana. Or any bunch of other more healty breakfasts.

Also, the sodium count on the McDonald's food is off the charts.
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I agree, Tech Tee.  Not planning it out, and waiting too long to eat are both problems for me.  If I am too hungry, I make bad choices.


Yesterday was great.  Today I had oatmeal for breakfast, and I am planning on a good day.

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Tonight didn't go so well. We had some friends in town whom we haven't seen in about three years. We ordered food from a local restaurant, and none of it was low calorie. I should have left it at that, but also had a beer and dessert. Rice Krispy treats.
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Same for me (yesterday, that is). Yet another unplanned, fatty calorie laden breakfast. And lunch too.

At least I got a 3 mile run in, outside. Something I haven't done for a year.

But I'm one pound up today. Grrrr.

I'm having an issue with clothing. My old stuff is already gone. it was falling off me. Like, I could literally pull pants off my body without having to undo them.

I've bought some stuff for now, but crap, it's expensive. And, in a few months, that will be too big as well.

Yesterday I bought a pair of pants that are TIGHT! Hoping that they'll be OK in a month or so.

I only have one suit, and it's way to big. And, it looks like I might need one in the next few months. I got rid of my suits a year ago...should have saved them!

Oh well, I guess it's a "good" problem to have.
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I remember buying alot of goodwill stuff after my pregnancies.  Too bad sweatpants aren't good work clothes.

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I wonder if those suits I got rid of are still at St Vincent DePaul...
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I am struggling with the after work/ after dinner snacks this week.  The kid's were off from school and soccer practice so no running around right after work, which means I have time to sit around, relax, read and that means snacking.  But my exercising has gone up this week also, so I am thinking I am still at a negative deficit between my exercise and my snacking.

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I just had the most amazing Good Friday salmon dinner.  I have a week off of work now and am hoping that I can get back on track, even with a turkey dinner on Sunday.

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Not happy about thew way the weight is going. Or not going. And Easter is tomorrow. Which is always a food fest.

So far, this week, no loss. Gotta step up the game today! Hopefully that will help. Tomorrow...well, that's going to be rough.
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