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Friday, Mar. 30 - WORKOUTS!

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Good morning, TEAM LIT!


Sparty: SwimOn!


GatorGirl: :)




5 mile easy, easy run early this morning. Legs and body tired from quality workouts three days in a row coupled with leg exercises in the gym. Slow, easy run. An otherwise rest day, as there is nothing to gain today.


Happy Friday!

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16+ mile lunch ride - mid 17s. Cool and breezy.


Good weekend, all.



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Cold but thundering outside. Couldn't run outside so did 1hr of various strength workouts. Doesn't look like I can squeeze a run in the evening due to some commitments.

It's official - I'm DNS this Sunday marathon. Lots of discussion between my brain and heart and brain won the battle. Thx for all the wise words . Life goes on. Next up - Xterra Ft. Custor on May 20. I know Ron is in, not sure about Scott and Mike. You guys are all welcome for the meet up!!
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Yoshi: Sorry to hear. But know that the marathon will be there for when you can run it again. It doesn't go away.

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Just left the pool.  900 yards.  A new longest distance for me this year!  Whoop!


Will Run For Beer 4 miler tomorrow.  Bring it on!!

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Yoshi - I'm glad you made the best decision for you!!  There are more marathons to come...let your body heal. I know you can push through pain, but sounds like this is the best outcome for this race. Sending you hugs...sounds like it was a hard decision.


Nothing for me on Friday except a bunch of yard work. I'll call it cross training.

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Way to go MQ - we'll make a great swim comeback together.  cool.gif


Nothing for me on Friday, long work week so I cashed in early didn't have the energy to do much of anything...except eat ice cream for dinner.

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Sorry to hear about the marathon, but glad you've decided so now you can move on. No regrets, just progress. See you May 20! (Mike P too)


Me, I did 1 hour in the pain cave doing drills. Felt good.


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Yoshi - I'm sorry for the heartbreak of DNS, but I'm actually glad to hear your brain won this round. Your body will thank you for it one day. 


2.5k on the rower. Too short to count for much, but after a particularly long and tiring week, coercing myself to even do that much felt like an accomplishment. 


Z-pack unfortunately isn't on the way. I forgot my doc was out of the office Friday through Monday this week. Dang. 

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Daily run




48m 24s - 4.28 miles - 11m 19s/Mi

7:00 PM

Equipment: Brooks Launch

Warm/upper 60s - Sunny and windy. Neighboorhood streets with Vicki and the dogs.

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