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travelin' light Thursday

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The number 4 should exist only in daylight, clockwise. cool.gif Moonie is finally getting a wish he always had when we did the LD thing... We walked through the security gate together at the airport.

Hope you all have great days. smile.gif
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That is awesome Bard and Moonie. :)


30 minute easy run for me this morning.  Bring on the day.

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Have a great trip!  Traveling feels like a chore alone, but traveling as a couple is totally different.

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morning everyone


last night's run was carpy.  just felt off the entire time and my stomach was not happy.  Ended up with 11


ran a creaky 3 this morning and i may do another 3 tonight and/or 30Ds depending on weather and motivation level.


woot for couples trips ...I LOVE taking trips with DH.  We are both pretty easy going on vacation and play it by ear. 

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Today's my DD's 12th birthday!  Here's a pic from last weekend's duathlon



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Here's DS in his race:


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So, my DD shares a birthday with both Litch's DD and Frankie's DS.


Happy Birthday to all the 30s kiddos! 

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Happy Birthday, kids!  My niece's birthday was yesterday...


Safe travels to Bard and Moon...


I want to do some sort of fast-ish run tonight.  Maybe a tempo run, maybe intervals, maybe a fartlek...  Since I don't follow any sort of training plan, I don't need to figure it out until I start running... 

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Morning 30's I hope to get a run and lift some later today.  I slept well last night so I shouldn't be tired.  We are getting in the moving our office mode around here.  We just bought a building and should be moving in about 3 months.


Bard and Moonie have fun in SF.


RIL bring in on indeed.


Morning Cus


Brandy I hope you feel better but I wish I could run 11 even when I didn't feel well.  Great job.


Great pics Tim.  My kids are not big fans of running most of the time.


Bob sounds like how I train.

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Happy birthday to all the fabulous 30s kiddos!  Great pics Tim- something about seeing kids running just makes me happy.  biggrin.gif

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Hello is anyone home?

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Happy Bday kiddos!


I've been in the studio working on a planter. It's taking me WAY longer than I thought it would to put together, but it's really cool.


The boys are picking on each other constantly today. Both of them are instigating. Gaaaa. After lunch I'm taking Oskar to get weighed so I can get him heart burn. Really curious to see how much of a load he is.

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hello, hello.


happy birthday to tim's DDs x 2 and frankie's DS!


great pics, tim!! how did your kiddos do?


yay bard and moonie! safe travels and enjoy the weekend! man. what i would GIVE to travel somewhere alone with DH right now. lmao. as most of you parents know.its just such a chore to travel with AK. i'm thinking i will back out of my L.A. trip in june. a 6 hr flight with AK by myself just might be too much i can handle. i think we will fly out my sister and mom instead :)


5.37 miles yesterday while the sitter was over. bella and i ran along the sound and finished on the beach. it was great!


we ditched swim class this morning b/c AK has a cold/cough but we still met up with AK's twin and mom and had a yummy lunch.


i just started reading hunger games b/c i'm like, the only person on the planet who has yet to read it and am finding it entertaining!  i mainly read childraising books these days so its a good break. hey, any recs for good reads people?


so glad to see solar checking in!


wheres ailarie, amy, and kath today?


how are you, colleen, prae, beaks, maria, moe, craney, bex? i've been thinking about you gals. <3

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Are there pics of you in the hawt black dress? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Great pics Tim

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Originally Posted by katholeenie View Post


Are there pics of you in the hawt black dress? Inquiring minds want to know.

Not yet, but we will try and get one on Sunday. That is when we are celebrating.
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We just had a 40 ft hemlock and 50ft spruce tree taken down.  The whole neighborhood smells like Christmas.

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Hi all - Bard and I are now at my parents' place safe and sound.  More caffeine is on the way - it's only 4 PM here but we don't want to crash too soon.


Tim - love the kids photos!  We were noting how cool it is to watch kids doing certain things, like traveling through the airport with their little mini-suitcases and the like.  Running races is definitely another activity.


KJ - if you're going to be up in SF on Monday, definitely let us know by dropping a PM on Kick or a message on Facebook so we can get in contact with you.


Anyway, time to chill out a bit...good rest of the days to you all!

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Hello all,

I'm buzzing through Georgia right now, missing another chance to meet up with Ailerie and Beth. We stopped near Macon for dinner and hope to hit Tennessee before stopping for the night. Dh is a driving machine! I'm hoping we can stop at the American pickers store in Nashville tomorrow and to visit a cousin too.

Disney was fun and exhausting. Hopefully it won't take four years to talk dh in to taking the kids again, but I have the princess half to look forward to next year smile.gif

I didn't run except after a bus once and to catch DS more times than I can count. I will probably be back in time for the group long run (9) on Saturday, so I'll jump back in then.


Happy travels to moon and bard

Loving the stories about the dogoleenies!

((30s)) in case my attempt at catching up a week missed something important!
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hiya everyone. just a quick pass through to sprinkle some greetings and check in on everyone. glad to see you're all still getting after it...whether 'it' is running or just goofing off.


lots going on around here - we bought a house (1/31) , sold our house (3/6), moved and are settling into the new pad. lots of dude-projects to tackle including digging out an 8X12 area and installing a bluestone patio and granite stairs. right up my alley - that's tomorrow's project. also have to take down some trees before too long, dig out another area and backfill with compost/loam for my (absolutely 100% necessary) vegetable garden. i will go nuts if i can't grow my own veges this summer. it's a nice house in an equally nice neighborhood with lots of kids around for dd to get to know. should be fun for her. first time i have ever had to wonder/worry about where my property line is.


no running for me, at all (by design). in fact, i haven't been exercising much at all lately. dw has been running fairly consistently and doing some 5K's here and there. she just set a 2 min PR last weekend.

we reorganized at work and are going through a real life 'office space' interview process. frickin' ridiculous. i thought the efficiency expert stuff was a total lark...until i spent 6 hours filling out my time-management survey. wtf.

i have been busting my ass waaay tooo hard w/out let up, making no progress and not feeling any better about where i am, my future, etc. too bad the job market really sux. just gotta keep my head down, avoid the snipers and do my thing. i did get out for the first bike ride last week - in shorts and shortsleeves no less. we had a full week of 80+* - crazy weather.


stay well all. hope to check in sometime soon.

safe travels, safe running and eat chocolate!



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