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Tuesday, Mar. 27 - WORKOUTS!

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Busy here so right to it...


6 mile run early this morning including social aspects helping friend do her speed work. Paced her through 5 x 800 at 3:12 (6:24 pace). Something different for a Tuesday. Andyman joined in as well.


Great day, friends!

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Mar 27, 1939:

March Madness is born

The University of Oregon defeats The Ohio State University 46–33 on this day in 1939 to win the first-ever NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The Final Four, as the tournament became known, has grown exponentially in size and popularity since 1939. By 2005, college basketball had become the most popular sporting event among gamblers, after the Super Bowl. The majority of that betting takes place at tournament time, when Las Vegas, the internet and office pools around the country see action from sports enthusiasts and once-a-year gamblers alike.


 And the madness continues...


60 minutes on the elliptical.  Toying with a lunch workout at the gym as well.  Maybe a stair climbing day.  Or maybe not.  Who knows...


Keep up the madness athletic peeps!

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Breezy and cool lunch ride ... about 16.5 miles ... Still on the back-up Bianchi...


Go Huskies (women)!



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5 mile tempo run this morning. Came out to 34:59. Have a great day!!!
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Quick 20 min spin on the trainer.

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I love March Madness!!


1.25mi on the treadmill.  

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I thought I might get away with a full body strength workout, incorporating a bunch of squats. My knee, however, isn't loving the bottom of the squat position. (Which, not coincidentally resembles the rowing "catch" position it was barking about Sunday.) 


So, instead, I switched to upper body strength and flexibility combined with some ab-punishment. If I don't end up with a little DOMS tomorrow, I didn't do it right. 

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800 yards in the pool - testing the arm, it was "OK," but not perfect.  then hill repasts on the TM  2x4 min at 5-6% crap that's hard, but once i got my breathing back, running was a piece of cake.  I hate the TM, but I was a wind wuss. 

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'twas not at all feeling well, so made it a DOR.

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Daily run



20m 32s - 2.28 miles - 09m 01s/Mi

10:00 AM

Equipment: Brooks Launch

Warm/upper 60s - Sunny and calm. Crawford/Puckett/Security/Willis/Watson/path/Upton/home. Easy effort. Stretching afterward.

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