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Sunday, March 25 - WORKOUTS!

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Daily run. Incline!



-----6.50 miles-----

1:00 PM

Equipment: Inov8 Trail Shoes

Warm/low 70s - Sunny and windy. Starting at Memorial Park in Manitou, up Manitou Ave to Ruxton. Up Ruxton to the Incline. Up the Incline. Down Barr trail to Ruxton/Manitou. All up to top of Incline, about 2600 feet in elevation, with the 1 mile Incline being 2100 feet up. Very steep in places. Went with Vicki and Donnie. It was Donnie's first time up the Incline. Vicki had cramping in her quads on the way up. I was up the Incline in 35 minutes, Donnie 53, Vicki 1 hour 40 minutes.

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90 minutes on the trainer, including some hill simulation.

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I will not be doing hills, or simulating them in my workout tonight. Another online rowing race is on deck for later this evening. 


Puke bucket is standing at the ready. 

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Don - sounds brutal. Way to go to all of you!
Em - way to go hard on trainer!
Tasm - remember, you didn't go hard enough if you didn't puke at the end smile.gif

Masrers Swim State Championship this weekend! Our club got the 1st female and 1st male and 1st combined team win!!!!! I'm happy to contribute to the team and a great time, though my swim times weren't that great. More later.
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Yoshi - I didn't go hard enough!


1 k warm up. 1 k race. Got my arse beat. Between the lingering head cold and my knee being a iffy from yesterday's run, it just wasn't meant to be. Happily, I'll live to race (and puke) another day. 

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1:45 on the bike, nice and easy to spin the legs.. Funny, the 1st year I did the Boston Prep run, I couldn't walk the next day.  now, it's just a bit of soreness and I'm all good. 

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20 miles on the trainer with one of the Carmichael Training Systems workouts. Nice change from Coach Troy.

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