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Thursday, March 15th

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hey there


Got some speedwork on sched. today.  6x800 in 3:08ish pace with 400 recoveries.  Kinda excited about running sumthin different than 'easy'.  I just noticed that Smart Coach has bumped my 'easy' pace up a notch tho, basically the pace I run now anyways.  (was 8:27, now 8:22)


Got in an easy 4 last night w/ the group.

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Morning.  Terrible sleep last night due to thunderstorms.  One of those where you'd see the lightning then several seconds later you'd hear the thunder that would go on and on and on...  Whatever.  It's a new day.  Super easy spin on the trainer this morning, just enough to get blood flowing.  Son1 is riding up to Grandma's.  It's 85mi NW of here.  And this morning winds are...  15mph out of the SE.  Lucky dog!!!  I'll be heading up in a few to take Grandma to the doctor.  I 'spose son1 will be expecting a ride home...

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Today I have 10 X 200's on schedule.  I will be running that later today. 


Have a great day everyone.

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Morning all, quick fly-by is all I have time for right now.

Massage day today after work, much needed, followed by chiropractic adjustment. Not sure if I'll get anything I after that. I don't really want to take the day off but working out right after a massage seems counterintuitive. Got 5 in last night in the FiveFingers. Good run though I was a little discouraged to note the wear pattern on the shoes afterward. The left heel is fading fast which means after a year of trying to retrain my gait I remain a stubborn heel striker, at least on the left.

OK gotta get back to work...
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Good day all.

Bike commute to work on the hybrid for 12.6 miles. Changed shoes and grabbed the tri bike and off I went with a buddy that just got a tri bike. His first ride on it so we rode pretty cautiously. we ended up riding 25.6 at an average speed of 15 or so.

Happy training everyone.
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kfuller - enjoy the 200s.  I don't mind a few but10 would kill me... maybe that's why I don't have the leg speed to meet my goal of a sub 18 5k?

Hawk - So, you'll be adjusted and limber by tomorrow...  I noticed that I scuff my left heel but primarily when I'm tired and my form breaks down to a marathon shuffle.

Dave - that's a lot of biking.  I'm sure I'd be a wobbled machine on a tri bike.

4boysmom - say hi to Grandma!

BBS - 800s...nice.  Easy pace progress is good.  Hopefully.


Anyway, I bagged the 2nd workout last night as I was very tired and figured that it wasn't worth it with a HM coming up this weekend.  With that in mind, I'm looking for a lunch time 10-13 miler... the joys of working from home.  :)


MTA:  13 miles done.  80F and sunny.  Yes, it is still March.  Should have brought some water as the last 3 miles were not so great.

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Son1 beat me to Grandma's.  He was planning to call from a town about 27mi out so we could decide if he should head to Grandma's or meet us at the dr's.  I hadn't even left home yet!  He set a new PR.  82mi in just under 4hrs. 

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I got in a nice 10 x 200 workout. All reps were between 44 and 50Seconds. The last two workouts were the best of the year so far. A.total of 5 miles today.
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