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Healthy eating, week of february 26

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SW: 108.6

GW: 100

Last week: 106

This week: 106.4


Hmph.  I haven't been good, so I am lucky that's all there is.  Need to tighten up againt his week.

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I have not stepped on the scale, maybe Tuesday as I did 20 miles today and we may go out to eat tonight (salt!!). I am feeling really focussed and motivated this week. I had a lot of stress this week and stayed on course pretty well.

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I was 141.6.  Got lunch planned for tomorrow, salad in the fridge, should be back on track.


Thank you for your patience in my insanity.

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Starting weight 207

Last week 200

This week 200.

Goal:  185.


This weekend killed me.  Beers and snacking, AGAIN!



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Remember how much I was bitching yesterday? So unhappy about the turn things had taken at the end of the week? That I had been good, and I had gained weight in the last two days?

Well. Never mind.

Starting Weight: 204

Last Week: 202
Today: 196
Gain/Loss: -6

Goal: 160 or so)

I'm going to try for something like this again this week. Obviously I couldn't sustain something like this for the long haul, I would go crazy, and, it's not exactly healthy. But, maybe just one more week. smile.gif
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Holy toledo Tech Tee, Congrats, and I was so feeling for you yesterday.  Way.to.go!

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Originally Posted by willrun4chocolate View Post

Holy toledo Tech Tee, Congrats, and I was so feeling for you yesterday.  Way.to.go!

Let's see if I can do it again!

Today, I swear I was hungry all day, but the calorie count was up there. I don't get it.
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Wow, Tech Tee!

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I don't expect a repeat of six pounds. I weighed myself this morning and was the same, which is OK. As long as it's not going up. I've been reading a little bit, and, now, a lot of "experts" are saying that you *should*be weighing daily. I don't know. Sometimes it creates more stress than it should (as in my case last week).

By the way, I'm doing this starting tomorrow.


Not because I think it will do anything fantastic, or that I need it. But, DW is doing it, and I figure I'll give her some support and someone to commiserate with.

I'm not expecting it to be all that wonderful tasting. Too bad we can't really do it on a weekend, but, we have two parties to go to (damn parties, always get in the way of my weight loss plans), and we certainly be doing a "cleanse" thingy during a party. Regarding those parties...I'm going to have to eat almost nothing the day before and after.

My biggest worry is the caffeine. Which is has none of. And, while I'm not worried about feeling sluggish, I'm worried about headaches. So, I guess, in addition to the cleanse/detox, I will also be popping Advil.

I'm serious about the things getting in the way of a diet. There always seems to be some stupid party or event that comes along when I'm trying to lose weight. And, when I'm not, there's nothing.

I remember a few years back I was starting to lose weight. Then, we decide we're going out to dinner with friends. Then, the next week, a wine tasting.
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Guys, I have a confession.  It's been a free-for-all in the jebba household lately. Yesterday I had fast food.  Gah! I am rededicating myself.  You guys are all working hard.  I'm going to work hard, too.

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Started the Dr Oz thing today. Starts off OK with some quinoa with prunes. It was edible, but I won' t be having it again (except for tomorrow morning).

A blueberry smoothie for lunch. Has flax seed and a banana in it too. And this disgusting pineapple/kale/artichoke/cucumber mixture for snacks (hey, you can have this as much as you want!). Looking at it, smelling it, I have a feeling I won't be having that much.

Dinner is this kinda gross broth thats cabbage, fennel, onions, celery, and a bunch of other crap. I made it last night, it stunk up the whole house. Plus a side of apples and saurkraut. Wow...the bed will be warm tonight.

The lack of caffeine...the headache is there. But it's not that bad. We might have picked bad days to do this. I have a presentation to do today. Har!

I'll update after dinner. That is, if I'm not in the bathroom the whole night.
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Good Morning,

  I had a bowl of cheerios with a banana, 1/2 cup of milk and some OJ and I am ready for another meal.  I did go and cut up a pepper and eat some of that in the hopes it will help some but so far it hasn't.


It is going to be a long day today.

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End of day one.

The quinoa in the morning was OK.

The green kale/pineapple/artichoke/cucumber stuff was horrible in the morning. Later on, it got a little more palatable.

The blueberry smoothie for lunch was fine.

The broth for dinner was OK, but I won't be eating it after this.

And the dandelion tea at bedtime was "OK".

DW and I are a little annoyed. We originally found the directions/recipes etc in Oprah Magazine. Well, when you go to Dr. Oz's website, the recipes are a little different, and he has other, more palatable alternatives to the green disgusting drink. (like veggies, etc).

I'm still sticking with the green stuff, but DW is switching to veggies as snacks.

How do I feel? Well, I have had a headache all day, and still have it. I'm guessing caffeine withdraw. I decided not to take Advil or anything, because, I mean, the whole point is to avoid stuff like that (I did take a multivitamin though).

I felt a little foggy in the morning, either caffeine or the lack of solid food. I was hungry nearing the "meals" and "snacks". The apple that was part of the dinner tasted awesome. Mainly because I hadn't really eaten much of anything all day. I also felt tired, and also COLD.

But I don't feel "good", or full of vim and vigor, or enlightened or anything.

I really hope that the headache goes away for tomorrow.
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Jebba-- it happens to the best of us.


I am really frustrated. Really really frustrated. Since the new year (the week before) i have lost about 3 lbs. :( I am eating 1200-1400 cals/day. If I eat more than 1600-1800/day i gain weight, so i do not think i am eating too little. I am really depressed and feeling really fat. I am hoping in a week i see a big drop, but i am not holding my breath. I decided starting today that in stead of my single serve healthy muffins for breakfast, have something with no sugar or flour, so i made a big batch of tofu scramble this morning. Not really satisfying, but whatever. It was tasty, but i like a sweet breakfast. sigh. It is really depressing. I eat bowls of steamed broccoli every day to fill me up in between meals, which is not delicious, but does the job, and i am like, doing this for what????? ARGH!!!!!!!! cussing.gif

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Bummer on the loss thing Meri. Blame it on the Chup...he keeps on bringing home bad food. smile.gif

I've found that up until now (and a few other times) I need to snap myself into some type of focus to lose weight. It hasn't happened much. I can think of two other times in my life I've been able to do it. And I can think of no reasons that I have been able to do it.

Fortunately I have that focus at the moment. I don't expect to lose it, until, of course, I've lost all the weight I want. Then I run the risk of gaining again, which has always happened. Last time I lost weight, though, I did manage to keep it off for three years (which is longer than the other times I have lost weight), but I still, somehow, let my guard down.

I need to find the key that works *after* I lose the weight.

On to the "cleanse".

I ended up going to bed incredibly early for me (9 PM). Partially because I was tired, but partially because I was bored, and didn't want to do the work I had intended. This may have been an effect of the cleanse, I don't know. It also may have been because I hadn't had any iced tea, which I ususally have in the evenings. Yes, iced tea with caffeine in it.

This morning, the headache is there, but it is MUCH diminished from yesterday. But, despite getting two hours more sleep than usual, it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. DW reports that, unlike yesterday, she had a nice big screamer of a headache. Before she left for work she mentioned that it was still there, but it had lessened. Probably because she ate some blue.

I *almost* went for the coffee maker (not because I was going to cheat, but out of sheer habit) then remembered.

And, I lost two pounds. In one day.

I don't expect a repeat of that today, but I certainly don't expect to gain anything.

So, more tan stuff, green stuff, blue stuff and brown stuff today.

Then, tomorrow. COFFEE!

(but, maybe, just maybe, I'll cut out the diet pepsi and the iced tea, or, rather, I'll make my iced tea with decaf tea)
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OK. End of day two. The last day of this Dr. Oz thing.

Today I felt much better. No real headache until the end of the day. I wasn't really hungry, and the green and the brown didn't taste as bad today as yesterday.

DW didn't have the green today, and only ate a little of the brown. She stuck to raw veggies.

Still a little tired, but not foggy like I was yesterday.

I won't know how much weight I lost until tomorrow, of course.

Would I do it again? Maybe, but not for a long while, and, on a weekend next time.
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I made better food choices today for sure.  That is all.

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Yesterday was really bad.  Mr jebba is out of town, so I made mac and cheese for the kids and ate crap myself.  Had some leftover halloween candy and a big ol' glass of wine.


And I'm having a little bit of knee pain, so mr jebba said to take it easy on the running.  I expect a huge gain this week.


Meri- I have lost 2 pounds in 2 months, but unlike you, I have only myself to blame.


Do you remember Heather who used to be on kick?  She has the same problem.  She eats super healthy, low calorie, and works out a ton, and has huge trouble losing weight.  It seems to unfair.  The calories in/calories out thing must be more complicated than we think.  I have a friend who eats like crap, works out twice a week, and looks like a supermodel.  Grr.

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The three cups of coffee I had this morning were SOOOOOOO WONDERFUL.

Did not lose anything yesterday. So, Dr. Oz's thing was an interesting experiment. Caused me to lose 2 lbs, which may, or may not, come back.

But, if anything, it did make me rethink about my caffeine intake. This morning I made a decaffeinated batch of iced tea (my go-to drink all the time). We'll see how that goes.
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I had a bit of a loss yesterday, so I'm hoping to keep going with good choices today.  Have a Birthday dinner for a distant cousin tonight.  Preparing to eat fish. 

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Good Morning,

It's Friday.  If all goes well??? tomorrow I will be at the Monster Truck Show!  The good part is I get to see the show again, the bad part is I KNOW I will eat and drink a bunch of crap!


oh well.  I am working hard to stay on target the rest of the week to sort of help with tomorrow.



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yes jebba, i do remember that. it is so complicated.

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