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Wednesday 2-22-12

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 I think I forgot to check in yesterday.  I guess I should go read yesterday's thread.  DW is still sick.  She just got home from work and went straight to bed.


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Morning FB   Hugs to mrs FB

Won't take you long read yesterday's thread.  :)


Ran walked 1/4 mile intervals last night for around 4 miles.  It was ugly.  Knoxville will be uglier.   Hips and back a little achy and probably need a tweaking; will see pt in the morning.   I had to carry something a bit heavy and awkward Mon afternoon and that probably is part of my achiness.    Was out of breath jogging 10-12 min pace.  Geez, doesn't take long to lose fitness.


Nice day here; overcast but temps near 80 this afternoon.


Hope y'all are doing well.

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Hi FB.  I let myself be talked into a morning run on the streets/sidewalks--5.2 M.  Last night, timed to include a visiting runner, we watched Unbreakable, the story of the elites who ran in the Western States 100 in 2010.  I had gotten the DVD for Christmas.  Some footage of them running through the snow, Heme.  Those ultrarunners didn't seem crazy at all--humble folks who just love to run.  The visitor, who was supposed to run with us this mornig, was a no-show but we had fun anyway.  Now I'll assess how by foot (Morton's neuroma?) responds.  My knee is doing very well, so if I can get past this foot problem, I may be "back." Nice to see ksrunr's hips behaving.  It seems that he'll be back before too long.  Good luck to all those battling injuries.  Rip reminds me a little of those drag racing cars that spin their tires to get them hot and sticky before a race.

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Hey all you guys! Thought I'd pop in here for a quick bit while I ignore work for a minute. I got a promotion to the director position, and then was told they weren't "backfilling" my old job so I've been a little busy. Training others to take on some of the old duties so that will help, but still... yikes.


What's up with Ksrunr's hips? And glad to see FO back after the knee business. You were so sure that was the end of your running! Sorry about the foot issue, I deal with those a lot.


Running has been a challenge with the new job, an ankle injury in January (have no idea what happened but it was like a mild sprain), and the 5th coldest January since records have been kept. That really sucked. Between cars breaking down and other issues mostly cold-related, we were very (as in very) happy to see January end. February has been pretty nice, but we're snowy and a little cooler today with more to come. Not where I wanna be Boston-prep-wise, but it is what it is.

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Great to hear from you, Erika!  These guys have been accusing me of being tough for running in 3" of snow at -10°C..... but that's downright tropical compared to what you run in.  Congrats on the promotion!  It never fails to bring more work though, does it.  Hope the ankle is getting better.


FO, that's the big thing that really attracts me to the trail/ultra scene.... there are virtually no big egos.  I've had the good fortune of running with some of the best in the country and have never felt more warmly welcomed.  G/L with the Morton's.  I'm going to see a new podiatrist next week over my metatarsalgia... and hopefully this one will spend more time with me than going straight to casting for orthotics (again).


{{{{Mrs. FB}}}}


{{{{{KS}}}}  You'll get back there... don't worry.


Will head out after work for a hill session.  The ground is bare here right now, but we're expected to get around 6" of snow on Friday, so am trying to make plans with a friend to ski on Sunday... someone who can keep up with me this time!

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..hi erika////


.....heme is definitely tough//........but we do need more bikini pictures......


...........ks///.........Knoxville is a YEARLY event, don't get hung up on it or force the run.




.....32min poolrun


rained out of hiking............hey, it's FEBRUARY

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


 ..we usually get SNOWED out of hiking...


........good running guys

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Hi all


Someone holdin' a gun to your head re: Knoxville KS??? No sense setting your recovery back.


Wednesday track day for me....1 WU around 10ish, 5 @ tempo (8:12, 8:09, 8:08, 8:05, 7:59), 1+ CD around 10ish. Been doing the speedwork every 10 days, seems to work for me, would like to do it every week, but no sense tempting fate. Race is something like 7 weeks out, so I have 4 more speedwork sessions before the race. Hoping to get up to a 7 mile tempo run. Goal for the race is 1:22 and change (8:15ish) , 3 minute improvement over last time.


Hi FO, sounds like you're recovering nicely


congrats on the promotion.....evanflein.........the A$&$%# I work for hasn't given me one in 20 years......(oh yeah, that's me)


(((sickly and / or injured kickrunners & SO's)))



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Nice workout Johnny.   No I don't literally have a gun to my head.  But I've paid for two entries, two air fares, hotel rooms, and rental car.  I can almost walk the marathon and get it done before the cutoff.  Will only have to run just enough to cross that state off.  Besides if I don't go I won't get to meet Tom and possibly Pickles!

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Originally Posted by ksrunr View Post

Nice workout Johnny.   No I don't literally have a gun to my head.  But I've paid for two entries, two air fares, hotel rooms, and rental car.  I can almost walk the marathon and get it done before the cutoff.  Will only have to run just enough to cross that state off.  Besides if I don't go I won't get to meet Tom and possibly Pickles!

By all means go ahead and go.....especially for the chance to meet TW & his better half......I was thinking, as competitive as you are and once that race adrenaline kicks in, you'd try something stupid.........(like I probably would)


you're treadin' on thin ice there TW re: those Heme pix.....smile.gif.....I'm not allowed to say anything myself, but I support you 100%

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TW... don't make me come down there!!! violent1.gif And you have a lousy memory.... that was Robin in the bikini .... I was in a one-piece.  Way too old to be showing off this mid-section.


Johnny echoed my thoughts on Knoxville as well, KS.  Do you have it in you to not be competitive?


4.5 miles down in the ravine paths under the parkway and along the Don River.  This area shouldn't be passable until April, but it's been completely free of ice and snow for the last month. 

Ditched the idea of doing hill repeats, as both hamstrings were extra tight.  Still time to get what I need in before the first race at the end of April.

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I heard you have been getting all the cold weather Erika.  We had sunny and 50° today and even warmer tomorrow.  I ran early so I still ran on the treadmill.


I did a little drag racing today on my run.    I felt good from the start so I decided to run a hard progression for 8.5 miles in 58:12 running the last

3 in 19 minutes.  I added on another 3.5 at an easy pace for 12 miles total. 


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