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Thanks guys, I do usually have some fruit with my cereal, but Mrs. Boiler has been sick so our pantry and fridge are almost barren. Even on days when I have oatmeal with some raisins in it, I wont feel that full.   I don't know how much of it was due to the fact that I think I was REALLY low on calories yesterday and I am still paying the price right now. 

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Just made these tonight. They turned out *really* good.

Sesame Crusted Tofu


They get rigid enough that you can pick them up with your fingers. Still soft on the inside too.

We dipped them in a hoisin/soy/sesame/garlic sauce that I made with some diced scallions. Well, *I* did. The rest of the family just dipped in soy.

I ended up using the rest of the hoisin sauce on some broiled salmon. Made a nice glaze, and made it wet and then we sprinkled more sesame and scallions on it. That and some green beans made a nice low cal filling dinner.
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Vegetarian Times had a recipes ages ago for sesame crusted tofu, you dipped the tofu into a tahini mixture, then the sesame seeds, really good!

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Hmmm. I'll have to think about that. You fried it I presume?

Tahini tastes real good. A little fatty, though. But, then again, everything that tastes good is. sad.gif
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Not happy right now.

I have been very good all week, and this morning, checked things out and I went up a pound. I don't get it, and am rather annoyed.

My impending big loss this week is now dwindling, and if the same thing happens tonight/tomorrow, it will all be erased. Not happy. Not happy at all.

We'll see how things stand tomorrow (my weigh in day).

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i think i pan fried it in the original recipe but baked it at least once. it was a long time ago! LOL. i do not see it online either.

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