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I have a GPS watch that I have used for some time now. It has brought me through marathons and the training for the marathon. It also helps me during the APFT to make sure I stay on pace. One of the biggest problems I see out there is Soldiers going to fast at the starting gate. This watch has been a great asset and, if you can, I recommend obtaining one. The good news is that it is a lot cheaper now due to new models that have come out. Here is a website that shows the watch. Do a search, if your interested, and find the best price. NOTE: it links to your PC and has a training program that you can log your runs automatically, set a schedule within your watch, and so much more. I used for training marathons. I put my whole years training schedule into the watch. All I needed to do from that point on was turn on my watch and hit 'Start''. It would tell me what I needed to do.