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 Thanks for the reassurances.-  I think you are right Will Run for Choc.   !  I hope the bootcamp doesn't focus on this to much- if so I will take a break and go to the local one at the Park and Rec in town-  cheaper and closer! and more friends go there too.  


  I  will keep making baby steps. That  has worked for me before. I packed a pretty good lunch today. I had to eat in the caf with my student today so it was small bites!)  I had some Wasa whole grain crackers ( a lot of air and crunch!)  turkey breast, grape tomatoes, raw green bean with a  tsp of  ranch dressing to dip in. Cantalope for dessert. I drank plenty of water  today - that school is so DRY   I have to drink so I can even keep my voice clear.


   Now to come up with dinner !



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Yes, I'm a halfling.


Okay, so today was by birthday, and we went out to dinner.  I really wanted a steak, so I got that, but no potato.  Sides were a salad and broccoli.  Then they offered me free dessert, so I got the brownie bites and shared with the family.  According to spark, the whole day was 1446 cals, with a 400 calorie deficit.  Success!  I suspect I actually had more calories than that, but I was hoping to break even today, so it's all good.

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The freezing temperatures are getting me and I totally fell off the wagon yesterday.  Even went to Dairy Queen, so I am up almost 2 lbs since Tuesday.  Working on getting back on the wagon in time for Sunday, but I'm not very hopeful there will be a loss this week. 

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I'm down two! This is the stupidity of daily weigh ins...
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Too funny, as I seemed to have found your two!

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Originally Posted by willrun4chocolate View Post

Too funny, as I seemed to have found your two!

Well, the weight you lose has to go somewhere, right? It's the Law of Conservation of Mass.
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I love it, Tech Tee.


I dread falling of the wagon.  For me, it's not sweets, but things like cheeseburgers or hot wings.  Oooh, I shouldn't even type the words.

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LOL, well Jebba yesterday I got my cheeseburger fix and today I had my sweet fix and tomorrow I have a good lunch ready for me and I start again. 

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I had a cheeseburger today. Dammit! Those two are gone, I'm sure.
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Well if those two are gone for sure, can you give them to some unsuspecting stranger instead of your imaginary internet friends?

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My internet friends aren't imaginary.

Anyway, maybe I'll see if I can give them to the dog or something. Of course, if she gains the 50 pounds I intend to lose, that would be a bad thing.
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Well, I freaking fell off the wagon last night!  I got bored watching TV and got way to many ritz crackers and then I added peanut butter to them.  Damn!


Gotta get back on track today.



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Jebba got me back here. i am so behind on Biggest Loser that i avoided the Water stop altogether :D I have gained 10lbs since the summer and am 20lbs over my race weight, argh! I spent the first two weeks of the year counting calories and using the LostIt! app on the iPhone, and did not lose any weight eating about 1350cals/day. Then for a week i sulked. This week i am back at it and not logging, but trying to just fill up on salad and steamed veggies with my meals. I did see a slight budge on the scale, which is good, but i really should be losing more. It is quite frustrating.

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I have put on 30 pounds since I started working again and I am 40 over what is needed to give me the correct BMI so I know your pain.  This first month for me is going to be the hardest until I learn to control my portions and understand that I can't eat anything I want when I want.  


Growing Old SUCKS!





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Originally Posted by Floridaboiler View Post

Growing Old SUCKS!

Oh, so THAT'S your excuse. smile.gif

Mine is, I'm a fat slob and I ate too much.

For the last 5 years.
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icon_salut.gif just passin' through....try not to stare at my gelatinous cellulite-loaded arse as I wander by....







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I am in a "healthy" weight for my height, but DEFINITELY NOT where i would be, not even close. I have a nasty cold and all i want to do is comfort eat. Trying really hard. I made this for DD for bfast and took a nibble and it was DIVINE, will make one for me for dessert



I do think my key is eating ZERO sugar, but i just need a treat feeling like shit.

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I eat too much also and I drink too much beer on the weekend!


Originally Posted by Tech Tee View Post

Oh, so THAT'S your excuse. smile.gif
Mine is, I'm a fat slob and I ate too much.
For the last 5 years.


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Sitting down last night to watch a movie and drink some beers is not a good way to lose weight!





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Just rocked some "homemade" vegetable soup. I quoted homemade because it was from a mix. But, I put in thyme, oregano, basil, garlic powder, salt. Then canned diced tomatoes, chopped up an onion, a few carrots and two celery stalks. Then, instead of using all water, I used half vegetable broth.


It was still a little bland. But, heck, if I had followed the recipe, it would have been the most boring soup ever. Bob, c'mon! The website specifically says that no seasonings are added, but it sure doesn't say that on the package. It said, "add your own seasonings". I'm lucky I thought to add my own. Problem is, I just guessed. And guessed right, but still. Now that I know, I'll make it again.

Made a TON of soup. There were six of us, and some of us had 2nds, and there are still about 7 servings leftover. Lunch for next week!

DD#2 has decided to eschew pork, beef, lamb, etc. She'll eat poultry and fish, but she has decided that the concept of eating red meat is a little gross. That's fine, I'm not going to try to dissuade her, it just makes making meals a little more difficult, and as long as she'll eat poultry and fish, I think she'll be getting enough protein. Vitamin B might be an issue though. The only real issue is, she LOVES burgers and bacon. Oh well, it's her choice.

Here's tomorrow's dinner...I'm hoping they turn out good. I have the black beans soaking right now for tomorrow's cooking. I'm the only one that will be eating the chipotle ketchup since the rest of my family is a bunch of wimps when it comes to heat.

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Curious to see what tomorrow shows. I've been mostly good, with deficits every day but one.
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Well last night was not a good night for me.  Hard to eat healthy at a college basketball game!  


Have a good Sunday everyone!

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been trying to be good. i have an awful cold, no exercising for me. Besides the feeling crappy part, i barely slept last night. Sigh. I went to Costco and bought 2 containers of grapes, one flat of apples, a case of baby spinach, one of spring mix, salsa, strawberries. YUM! arming myself. i am eating a HUGE bowl of steamed broccoli topped with peach/mango salsa with lunch and dinner.

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