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ESB Tuesday Check in

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Scheduled myself to do a 4 yesterday.  However, did 3.25 instead.  Back still having some problems.  I guess I need to work myself slowly back up to 4.  Should be there in the next couple weeks.  Today I am doing some weight training during break at work.  Going to use the pyramid method on maybe abs.  My method is muscle specific instead of group specific.  Still figuring on how and where I am going to start.  I think abs today, biceps tomorrow, chest the next day, and triceps the following.  My days off (away from the work weight room) I'll probably work on some Army workouts for upper body.  Keep you posted.  No run today.  Tomorrow will be 3 to 4.

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Good stuff.  I took a day of form running today myslef.  Did some chest and back.  Good luck tomorrow.

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Still trying to figure out how I am going to do the weight training.  It has been awhile.  First problem:  What weight to start at.  Second problem:  What exercises to do.  Here is what I came up with today.


Abs:  Pyramid Style.


  1. Cable Sitting Crunch:  10 reps of 120, 8 reps of 130, 6 reps of 140 then 6 reps of 140, 8 reps of 130, and 10 reps of 120.  (too light, will have to increase next time)
  2. Cable Laying Leg Lift:  10 reps of 30, 8 reps of 40, 6 reps of 50 then back again (see above).  (Does not feel good on my back, may change to a different excersize.)
  3. Cable Kneeling Crunch:  10 reps of 100, 8 reps of 110, 6 reps of 120 then back again.  (May change this excersize too).


Good job SSG S.  You running tomorrow?

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I will see how the body is feeling. My minimum run is 1.5. When I do that I run at fast pace. My current max is 3.5 pacing myself to make it. No specific daily goals. Most of the time my run time is dictated by how much weight training I do and how much time I have before I have to go to work in the morning. Lol. To morrow will be a 3.5 mile day because I fly to Atlanta in the PM so, no eralyoffice time.
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