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RR: Stu's 30K

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Stu's 30K (18.64 miles)

6 March 2011, 11am

Hilly run through Clinton, Sterling, West Boylston, and Boylston in MA




gluten free bagel with peanut butter and half a banana @ 8am


half a banana @ 10am

mint chocolate Gu @ 10:45am



Race Calories:

tiny sip of gatorade pro or water ~every 5 min

one gel every 30 min, alternating non-caffeinated with caffeinated

3 endurolytes during each hour




Temps in the 50s.  Much wind!  There was rain that varied from none to mist to downpour during the entire run, but it didn't ever bother me.  Mist from passing cars was refreshing, as was the chill off of piles of snow on the roadside.




Saucony Pro Grid Rides in correct size

Smartwool socks

CW-X stabylix long tights

mid-weight Zoot half-zip top

some sort of light, waterproof Sugoi jacket

cap with brim


Yeah, I got warm, but I wasn't sure that I wouldn't get chilly if I were out there for like four hours.  Finally took the jacket off between miles 16-17.



How I ran a negative split:

9 min run : 1 min walk fastidiously adhered to throughout

did walk briefly through a few aid stations to re-fill fuel belt bottles

yeah, I listen to music...Rush for the first half (Time Machine Tour set list) & hip-hop for the second half...except when chatting with Harold or passing by volunteers on the course


Super awesome race volunteers, course monitors, and policemen throughout the race.  Even with the rain, they stayed out there!  Of course, being last and alone for much of the run, I got lots of undivided cheers and encouragement.  I'm not gonna lie...that was awesome and very helpful.


I felt even in energy and attitude throughout...even though I was last until just after mile 12 and ran alone except for the first 5K during which I chatted with a guy, Harold, who was just out to run to the 5K point. By the end, I had passed 6 people (three in the last 1.64 miles). I finished 5th from last, so one must have dropped out.

This is a run with ~1151 feet of climbing in 18.64 miles (30K). My HR avg was in zn4, but didn't feel like tempo pace. Indeed, it wasn't tempo pace so I chalk it up to the hills and the vertigo I had over the past two weeks (finally really started to turn the corner on Tuesday last week). BUT, I had the same HR avg but 11:24/mi pace at the Derry 16 miler at the end of Jan (~1184 feet of climbing and 30-40 degrees colder). The hills at Derry were more punishing, IMHO.

Am *very* pleased with my splits (by my watch):
  5K    39:46 12:47/mi
10K 1:18:57 12:42/mi
15K 1:57:46 12:38/mi
20K 2:33:20 12:20/mi
25K 3:10:17 12:15/mi
30K 3:46:21 12:08/mi

The goal set by my coach for this race when he gave my training plan to me in December was 12:15-12:20/mi. So, YAY!


Smiled the whole way.  Yeah, it was that crazy kind of fun!




Some gentle stretching and more vigorous of The Stick.


Water and chocolate milk.


Wore my socks, tights, sushi hat and two layers on top into a very chilly bath once I got home.  Need to get a thermometer to get the temps of these baths...to see if they are anywhere near cold enough...but, believe me, it's not the kind of cold you really enjoy.  Hot green tea helped me tolerate it.  Hot shower.  Dried off and struggled into Zoot recovery compression tights.


PB&J on gluten-free bread, Cape Cod potato chips, coconut water snack.


Taped my left knee (I'm out of tape now).  Hips and knees did well...only very occasional complaints.  That spot low on my left shin began to really bother me on the down hills by mile 15 or so.  Blister on left foot "bunion".  Blister and purple toenail on right foot middle toe.

Glad this one is done! Just want to mention that I kept close "watch" on my physical status throughout the run and was ready to bail at the first sign of illness. Also, I felt fine during and after a 5 mile test run on Fri, felt fine on Sat, felt fine when I woke up this morning. Hopefully, the trend will continue into tomorrow!  Will continue to suck down water and clementines.


Got a last minute email from Thor stating that he and a friend decided last minute to run Stu's, but I didn't see him.


Thank you all for your encouragement and support!  I think about you often while I run.

DOR tomorrow, except for walking the dogs.

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I loved reading your race report.

I think we lucked out on the weather, all and all.  I have run this race in a blizzard.

Congratulations for achieving your race goal.  I think that in these long and hilly races, running evenly and relaxed is the key.  Running a negative split, and saving energy for that steep long hill at mile 17, is a smart race strategy.

Vertigo can be very miserable.  Sometimes the meds are worse than the disorder.  I'm glad you are feeling better.  I know you had reservations as to what this would do to your training for Boston, but I have heard that the rule of thumb is that the pace you run at Stu's is a good indicator of your Boston pace.

You are very brave with the ice bath.  I hopped into the gym shower within 5 min after the race.

By the way, why all of the gluten-free ?

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Great race. Nailed your target.

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Originally Posted by Zdoc View Post

By the way, why all of the gluten-free ?

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and last fall I did some reading that going gluten-free can help you feel better even if your bloodwork is inline with "normal" (normal for me is like a TSH of 1-2).  Both Hashimoto's and celiac disease are auto-immune and I know that having one AI disease basically pre-disposes you to having others.  I figured I'd try going gluten free to see if that helped me feel better (less bloated, less anxious, less depressed, less brain fog, more even keel all-around) and it seems to be doing so.  I haven't given up rice and corn, though...or the very occasional beer.  Though I've been "gluten free" since November, in February my gastroenterologist did some bloodwork for celiac markers.  I find the letter he sent regarding the results to be sort of ambiguous, so I really need to call his office.

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Excellent job in sucky weather!  Can't wait to track you at Boston!

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I do wish we could have been there.  


But very nice job, glad your head cooperated so your body could do its job. 


Can't wait to cheer you on at Boston!

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Nice Job!! Glad you enjoyed it, on a trough windy day! 

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Great job on a tough race with tough conditions.  Sounds like you're right on track for Boston!

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Awesome job Cheryl!  Sounds like you managed the race very well, which is going to be important come Patriot's Day.



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Congrats on a very well executed race!


(oh and I appreciated your backstory on gluten-free eating!)

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Woohoo Cake!!! Nice job all around!!

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I am so happy to read this. I was worried for you with the vertigo and was hoping it wasn't going to mess up your Boston training, you've worked so hard! Great job smile.gif
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Nice race!!! I'm so glad you're feeling better!!!


Also appreciated the back story on gluten free. I have a good friend who has celiac and I'm always on the lookout for good recipes. :)

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Wow, that's quite the race given everything that has been going on!  Looks like your training is setting up quite nicely for Boston!

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Thanks, everyone! 


It really came together a lot better than I could ever see when I was stuck on the sofa two weeks ago.  It was hard to hold back, but I feel I might still be recovering a bit and I didn't want to be stupid.  Am hoping that there are no more unpleasant surprises between now and Boston!  Of course, I know how this training stuff can shake out, so I'm trying to just think about things one day at a time with as little anxiety toward the coming weeks as I can possibly accomplish.


Also, there's still lots of time to donate to Baypath Humane Society!  They're a non-profit, all breed, no kill shelter for dogs and cats in Hopkinton, MA.



Please be sure to dedicate your donation to "Cheryl & Adam marathon" so they can keep track of our fund raising...we'd really like to make it to $2500. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support!

Please also send us a private message so we can send you a thank you note.


If you would rather send a check, please make it out to "Baypath Humane Society", note "Cheryl & Adam marathon" on the memo line, and mail it to:
Baypath Humane Society
P.O. Box 23
Hopkinton, MA 01748-0023





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Tremendous race there, Cak. Wish we bumped paths, but hey, the path you carved was solid. Look back at those 5K splits and you see an even progression towards greatness. Nicely, nicely done. And even more remarkable was to be able to pull the last 5K split -- be that with the biggest hills of the course were both there. Nice, nice.

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Thanks!  I really had to keep things in check starting at mile 12...I just wanted to "go."  But, this was a training race not the main event.  I'm also very pleased I was able to remain in my head and stick to my plan...not easy to do when everybody else is ahead of you and out of sight.  Maybe I could have run the same sort of splits as I did in Derry, but I opted for caution.

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Glad to hear your vertigo seems to be pretty much gone, AND you stayed within yourself and had a solid run.  Very happy to know you are well on the way to be at the start line in Hopkinton.  And thanks for sharing the writeups about you/Adam, pretty cool. 

Looking forward to seeing you at MJ at the end.

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